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    United Kingdom Brum
    As promised here is a my personal opinion and experience on this tyres.
    Size 225/45/18
    I bought this tyres before i went on holiday in July for 500£ from Camskill.
    I done 5000 miles since then and they been pretty good so far.
    I measured thread depth when they arrived and they were 8mm and are on 7mm now,not bad considering i done 5000 miles on them so far.
    Grip is really good in dry or wet conditions although i didnt push the car too much in the wet but still pretty good.
    Only complain i got they are a bit more noisy then i would like them to be,rather then that a very good tyres.
    I might purchase them again if i can't find Yokohama Advan sport at decent price.
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    Thanks for that,

    My toyos have worn fast and i'm considering these next. The thread pattern is fantastic.
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    Matt Peterborough
    Just had to rotate my tyres today as my fronts have worn fast, they're around 5mm and the backs are practically brand new even though they were all bought at the same time. Only done 6k miles on them. Haven't even driven them hard either. Think I'll be looking into these or maybe the Yoko's start of the new year.
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    I've just bought another pair of Hankook Ventus V12 Evo's from Camskill. Car had a full set of these on it when I got it and has had another full set May last year they seem pretty grippy the fronts were down to just under 3mm have been on the car about 18 months. Overall I'm very pleased with them and the price ain't bad either £76 each.
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    Interesting stuff, I've got to get 2 rear tyres at some point, although im about to put my winter wheels on, i was looking at both the Vreds and the Hankook range, to see how they compare to the Uniroyals Rainsport 2 i have on the front. Id prefer a symmetrical tread pattern though, as i can flip the tyres half way through their life and still keep a good tyre innings, as im running 3 neg camber all round. Got 25k out of my last set with neg camber, more than happy with that.
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    I've had a full set of these on for the last year and I think they are a brilliant tyre, wet grip is very, very good. I don't find them particularly noisy either.
    Just replaced the fronts (Sessantas again) after 17k. Might not sound like much, but I do very little motorway, mostly A & B roads so lots of lovely corners :Whistle:
    I run the fronts at 37-38psi (225/45-18) and they've worn perfectly flat, so that pressure's spot on.
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    you can use the old ones for plant pots then :Happy: