Tools Views on Machine Mart OBD readers

Discussion in 'Tools & Equipment' started by garf8v, Wednesday 28th Dec, 2016.

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    Hi All
    I am new to these readers (and some of the telephone technology!).
    Am considering a code reader from the above as the price and back up are reasonable. I am erring toward their CEOBDPRO model.
    Has anyone used these or are they no good for our cars?
    I am wary about stuff from fleabay so thought this a safer way to go.
    I have had a search on here and the Maxi scan seems to be popular and not too different.
    Thanks for your views.
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    It's a lot of money, why not just get a ELM327 bluetooth adaptor and then use via Mobile phone apps? Will cost you less than £7.
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    Thanks for your suggestion. I am catching up with phone technology slowly but haven't got a phone with a screen....
    From what I have gleaned from here and the internet it would seem an Autel al419 or al519 would be as good/better.
    I have read through the info on here and it seems to err towards mobile apps.
    Thanks again.
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    I bought a eBay £10 engine code reader and works perfect. If your only reading and erasing codes should be fine with a cheap one.

    Any body electrics, SRS and ABS will need some thing better that covers this.
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    For SRS and ABS you will need HDS. For rest you can buy a standalone reader like this

    I have both EML and this and they work the same. EML paired with mobile app give you tons of info but for regulr code reading and resetting this should be ok
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    I went for an AL 519 as I got a good price from CCW Tools (an authorized Sealey dealer). I have read through the various instruction leaflets and this seemed the best bet at this time.
    I am hoping that it will also read motorbikes....
    Thanks for your advice and input, what a brill forum.
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    Im strongly considering to buy easydiag 2.0 plus. Does engine, ABS, SRS etc.
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    So the easydiag will reset ABS system too?
    - - - Updated - - -
    Reason I ask is that many say that you need HDS for ABS SRS....
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    As far I'm aware honda HDS and some top end scanners that work with honda diagnostic can reset ABS and SRS bit late seems everyone has beat me to answering lol

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    There are so many on offer. It's quite confusing what they can and can't do....