Sold VFR750 front end parts

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    Item for Sale: Various VFR 750 spares

    Price: Priced per part.

    Location: Cambridge.

    Condition: See below.

    Description: All parts are from a VFR750F RC36

    Pictures: See below.

    Petrol Tank in white. £30

    Very good condition for the age but a few scrates in the paint.

    No dents on any visable parts only minor damage around the lip on the underside.

    Tank is also rust free on the inside as it was given a coatng of WD40 after removal!





    Front Brake Calipers. £40

    Very good condition They are in original bronze/gold colour.

    Everything that needs to move does so freely (sliders and Pistons) and no bolts or nipples are siezed.





    Front Wheel. £40

    Condition isnt great paint wise as alot of it is peely with some surface corrosion showing.

    Other than that it is straight and true and the bearings feel in good condition.

    The tyre is fucked and will be thrown away unless someone really wants it?

    Both spacers are also included!





    Front Forks. £80

    They are in fairly decent condition but the paint is peeling a bit on the bottoms.

    There is some minor rust on the stactions but nothing in the range of travel and nothin serious more just aestetic.

    The dust seals are in decent condition though one looks like its on the way out.

    They feel good other wise under compression so the oil seals are good but an oil change wouldn't go amiss!





    Front Brake Master Cylinder. £15

    Condition is OK.

    The cap screws are seized and it has a tastefull cover as you can see.

    It was other wise in full working order befor it was seperated from the lines and brakes.





    Clutch Master Cylinder (Hydraulic) £15

    Condition is OK.

    The cap screws are seized.

    It was in working condition befor the bike was broken and not long befor being broken the seals were all replaced.





    Stainless Brake Lines (Goodrich) £30

    They are in great condition!

    There is not corrosion on any of the ends or banjos they have held up great to the elements!

    All they need is a good clean up.





    I have also got some other parts that I need to dig out and get pictures for but they are still at my parents house so they will be dealt with on a case by case basis!

    I also have:

    Full front fairing panels in good condition!

    Oil cooler in good condition

    Radiator in good condition.

    Engine in reasonable condition.

    Single sided swing arm in reasonable condition.
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