General Upgrading from 6th Generation to 10th Generation - thoughts?

Discussion in '10th Generation (2016)' started by AbiW, Wednesday 6th Jun, 2018.

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    Hello :Smile:

    I need something bigger than my current 3 door 6th Generation Civic and one of the considerations is the 10th Generation Civic. What's the jump like, for anyone that's gone from a similar old small hatchback to the new Civic? Hoping it's not too drastic and that they've kept the fun style, the exterior definitely says they have :Wink:

    Also - selling the old car, will it count as taxable income? I can't find much about it but this salary calculator ( I'll be very close to the next tax band on my next payrise so don't want that to push it over. thanks! :Smile:
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    Just bought a 10th Generation Civic 1.0 CV T after owning a 9 th gen Civic 1.6 Diesel
    A big improved over the old car, it corners really well and you get loads of kit as standard if you go for the SR or above. I find the 1.0 powerful enough and I love the look of it. Most reviews of the car are good I don't think you will be disappointed.
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    Hi , I have recently changed from a 3rd Generation CR-V to a 2017 1.0t EX Civic and I am really pleased with it. It has plenty of go in it for an auto and has a nice engine roar when the turbo engages. If there is a down side to my change it would be getting into the car which is very low, particularly after driving a CR-V for six years.
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    No. As a private seller the proceeds would not normally be taxable (this may be different if you are making a significant profit and/or the vehicle was registered as a business asset).
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