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    Hi Guys, What is the consensus of opinion on cleaning materials for under the bonnet in and around the engine I have all kinds of brushes etc just like to know what peoples are using, and the finished product how clean is the engine bay.
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    Hi Matt this might be a bit random lol do you know your self or sumone who knows what steering racks fits a b16a2 99 em1 coupe I'm struggling to find one
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    Email and I'll have a look. I suspect almost any EJ/EK one will be cross compatible.
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    I've done mine a few time by snow foaming then jet washing and drying afterwards. Only ever done on a warm and sunny day. Disconnect the battery and cover your air filter. Don't get too close with the pressure washer and once rinsed thoroughly I use a leaf blower to get the water out of the nooks and crannies before wiping everything over with a microfiber clothe. If you do this once or twice a year and stay on top of wiping clean with spray and microfiber in between you'll keep it clean all year round.

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    Holy crap, @Guy at H-Tune ... I can tell you haven't got a distributor.