General UK Release Date for 5th Generation?

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    Do you blame me for this??? Why don't you put yourself in my shoes for a minute, to understand why I feel like this rather than telling me to sell my Car?? As I said Honda has failed to support me with my Navigation issue for this reason Manufacturer is to blame. This means Honda UK. Do you think this is a good business behaviour, to make customers unhappy??? A non satisfied customer is a non returning business customer. Bad or good for business?? A satisfied customer is a returning business customer. Honda shareholders should take active measures .
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    Does anyone know what Honda are playing at with the 5th Generation? It’s been released all over the world for months but total silence on its introduction to U.K. I have been waiting since the summer for news about a late 2017 release, but now a dealer says it won’t arrive until this time NEXT year!! (FFS!!). That means delivery in 2019!
    That being the case, I have decided to accept a mega deal on an EX petrol auto, which is a considerable upgrade on my current SE - full leather, power/heated/memory seats, glass roof, power hatchback, Garmin sat nav, five years servicing, etc, etc.
    Quite pleased really as I save a load of cash, have all the gizmos of the 5th, and can happily wait to see how the new model pans out for the future (none of us should really buy new cars until they have been tried and tested!). And plenty of time to weigh up merits of the E-Pace and XC40, definite contenders for my money.
    I forego larger model (which I didn’t want) and better petrol engine in the 5th, but quite honestly the present model, while a bit gutless on long journeys, is beautifully quiet and smooth around the countryside where we live. So no regrets there.
    Just read in Car mag that a Honda big cheese is saying that the new CR-V is to be launched as a hybrid with no diesel option. Wonder if this new thinking is the reason for the delay?? In which case, what price! Would we want it?
    Pick up the new car on 2nd Jan - polished metal. Can’t wait...!
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    In my opinion you are right not to believe the hype on new models and chose from what you can see and drive. The latest Honda Diesel engine has not lived up to the expectations set by Honda and perhaps the demonising of diesel has provided them with the ideal excuse to drop these engines from the range. From personal experience, if you are used to the reputation of high standards of build quality and reliability from Honda, be prepared if they are not as good on their latest cars.