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    Just out of interest, my local garage has declined to fit 4 tyres onto my CR-V (225/65/17) via blackcirles, they are a blackcircles 'premier partner' they say their equipment will not fit these tyres of this size. They are a garage where a large proportion of their trade is for 4x4. Can they really be on the level or is it just BS. ?
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    That's a good one. They do comedy, don't they?
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    The reason for that,I think is probably they have scratched the diamond cut alloys before like thy did with mine and had to pay compensation for refurbishment which costed them dearly.
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    I think Leonard's explanation must be the answer. That tyre and wheel combo is totally standard and must be fitted thousands of times a year across the UK. It won't take long to find a tyre fitter that will fit them.

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    I will ask the 'new' fitters tomorrow, my alloys look standard rounded off and perfectly normal, I have no idea what a 'diamond cut' wheel looks like !!!!
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    Part of the face of the alloy has been removed (with a diamond cutter) to expose the bright metal surface. This is then lacquered.
    The cut surface will usually have fine ridges that reflect the light.
    These are from my Accord.
    The 'star' facing is diamond cut.
    IMG_8426 for HH. IMG_8427.
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    Thanks Nels v. much, I can see the sharpness of the wheels, have nipped out and had a quick look and the spokes arevery simple with rounded edges, all the same finish. I now know what diamond wheels are !!!:clap:
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    The lacquer is thin on the very edge. When it wears off or gets nicked, the winter salt gets in and runs across the surface of the metal, under the coating, like a hoard of worms.

    Regular washing and a dab of clear coat will slow down the almost inevitable.
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    Just for completion, the fitting garage this morning confirmed that the alloys were not diamond cut, and there were absolutely no unusual elements to the fitting. Overall I am v.pleasedwith Blackcircles and will use them again, unlike my opinion of my local garage who refused to fit!!
    Thanks for the responses and photos guys!!
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    Glad you got it sorted (as I knew you would).

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