Type-S i-dtec remap

Discussion in 'Honda N-Series' started by Pallinaama, Friday 21st Jun, 2019.

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    Just got from workshop.
    230-240hp and 450-460Nm was result. Custom chip.
    EGR and DPF was removed also.
    Runs smooth now :Smile:
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    I believe the new MOT now checks to see if the DPF is present and working.
    Good luck.

    New testable items for the MoT in 2019

    The test itself has obviously become more stringent in order to facilitate those new categories. For example, diesel cars fitted with a diesel particulate filter (DPF) will fail if that unit is either not performing or if it has been tampered with. Also for diesels, cars will receive a Major result in the event of visible smoke from the exhaust.
    Moving away from diesel vehicles, there are also some new testable items that will apply to all cars. These are:
    Tyres – specifically if they are underinflated
    Brake fluid – any sign of contamination will result in a fail
    Brake warning lights – if illuminated, or if brake pads/discs are excessively worn/absent it will be a fail
    Reversing lights – Must be functional on all vehicles registered September 2009 or after
    Daytime running lights (DRLs) – Must be functional on all vehicles registered March 2018 or after
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    I will need luck then. Very much...
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    I've heard of people leaving £20 in their ashtray, not that I've tried. :Lipsrsealed: