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    Honda TSB SN-03-002-00dated 06-03-13 affecting CR-V I-DTEC RE6 all 2013 model year production

    The Symptoms
    Turbo Overboost / Underboost and on examining the ECU DTC P1236 & P1237 are stored in the memory
    The ECM map has a mismatch between the turbo charger feedback control and turbo boost failure detection during DPF regeneration.
    If the turbo boost actual value is too low against target, P1237 will occur. If the actual boost value is too high against target then P1236 will occur.

    The Cause
    The ECM map has been modified to match the turbo boost feedback control during DPF regeneration. If you face this issue or have a funny sounding turbo (whine) feel please take the car to your closest dealer.

    The dealer will:

    1. Clear the DTC.
    2. Update the ECM software using the latest software HDS version 3.007.011 (January 2013) or later.

    Please Note: After the above has been carried out the vehicle will regenerate during normal driving. There is no need to carry out a Service regeneration.

    The fix will will take the dealer 30 minutes to apply.

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    Re: 4th Generation Turbo Overboost / Underboost

    Just a bump for all 4th Generation CR-V owners in case they have not seen this :Thumbup:
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    Re: 4th Generation Turbo Overboost / Underboost

    Well mine has a funny turbo type whine, but I thought it was coming from the alternator, and is normal. Several other 4th Generation diesel CR-V's around here make the same noise too, and some car reviews I have seen make the same comment!

    Presumably mine should be OK as I purchased end March this year, and this was issued early March?


    Phil P

    Just seen the new thread above mine which answers all. No need to reply now

    Thanks guys

    Phil P
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