Turbo D16z6 into ep2

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    Hi guys
    Thought I’d post up my slow build diary for you lot to have a look at.
    The engine is a d16z6 out of a 95 CR-X.
    Still in the process of putting the engine together. The spec so far is

    Brain crowler valve springs
    Skimmed head
    Decked and knotched block
    Acl race bearings rod and main
    Ported oil pump
    75.5 mm rebore
    Supertec block Guard
    Vitara 75.5mm ycp pistons
    P2p0 custom length rods with arp2000 bolts
    Arp head stud kit.
    - - - Updated - - -
    4E731024-4128-492E-99F5-B4E18D6B9DBD. D050358A-FD6C-49B5-AAF3-0EBCB968F6ED. 85730B3C-E820-488D-A607-71107C31383F. Spot of wiring done tonight

    77D48862-D06C-4F81-A072-51A4F2412F20. C9605519-B0EC-403A-816F-2F5980586049. FFD4E3A4-BAD8-4DE6-9007-62635986A398. 4C6E479D-1579-4510-8E5E-9E964A360BCC. 4566CB89-0DD8-4444-BCC1-36C1A0627496. 8DAA38E0-8F6B-4D19-A7D3-581653C596A2. F3C6FF8B-C3CC-46CF-812A-B8C30A931912. ECC2905B-06C4-42A1-8C37-636561FE362E. D1ED281E-DEE6-474F-84F0-47CF201D2CAF. 029AEDC1-BE66-4F52-B8FB-0F46EDA74284. 163C0A68-D8DD-4A06-AE7A-0B100E68CE7B. 4F7FF2F0-505E-42D7-83D9-527A019C3156. 92951011-24E6-4105-8541-DE9B0B64C9B2. D669A690-3B64-4D03-9AE8-717371C52D55. 9EE1A446-481F-4B81-A827-EA44E259C50A. B76B6C73-A7EB-4766-8543-4758B63047C2. D8BC475F-6A81-42E1-9CB8-9DE51CD4C7F9. 13C94107-61E4-4D33-B0F8-69CEE018824A. 2D24464B-381D-4440-9611-AFE4C984DAAA. F7186EB6-8D82-434B-9F8F-74756311C43D. 02C272B7-0D5E-42E1-B371-686DA8150AFA. BCCBEA62-37D1-456C-B5DD-6A28FC103D45. F6B21694-E777-4E6A-80B5-7D2EE80F3214. A1302A01-CFD1-4365-8D5E-32550E4756D1. C75C838A-F83D-4B67-AE71-B2957E179928. 963DA447-B5B3-4BBC-BE79-55D18434555C. B4AAEDF2-2AD9-4A8C-87FF-2EBD13645DD3. F7A02FE6-6A0D-40F1-B8A9-C908272EF8F7. EDEC1332-5C41-4F99-A540-6344F7EACE87. B98E4401-7F23-44F1-A732-E4DE557D088D. 4E731024-4128-492E-99F5-B4E18D6B9DBD. D050358A-FD6C-49B5-AAF3-0EBCB968F6ED. 85730B3C-E820-488D-A607-71107C31383F.
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    Hello @Zx7r82 welcome to Club H-Tune
    it's customary for new members to introduce themselves via "Introduce Yourself".

    Also please add your car to the Club Garage, once added you will have a project log section where you could log everything you are doing and would make it a better experience for us to follow. Liking what i see so far.
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    Nice one! your getting fair stuck in :Grin:
    I'm wanting to go down the turbo route myself but unclear what to do ECU wise.
    What have you gone for?
    What kind of figures are you hoping to get ?