Tools Trolley jack failure - Heads Up!!

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    Came across this on the net :!!++Warning

    The guy was lucky - as the whole situation could have been worse.

    For you all members out there :

    This is more of a head up thread - check your trolley jacks - signs for any leaks, and wear and tear.

    Stay safe,


    Photos added - in case the originals go missing :



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    Thanks for that - be safe everyone
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    United Kingdom andy shropshire
    always people need to think of full safety before working under there motors :police::money::drill:...
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    Thanks for this post there are numerous post in the past where enthusiasts have lost their lives or had near death experiences due to these sort of malfunctions or unexpected failures.. which is tragic and sad.

    You look after your car yourself do the the same on your tools once a year too over the winter period. I jet wash every axle stand and jack check the pins check the cir-clips and change the oil the jack too.

    once it clean and dry you can inspect it thoroughly.
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  5. Eck Valued Contributor ★ ★ ★ ☆ ☆

    Thank you for this, will carry out inspection prior to refit of 'summer wheels/tyres'.
    Great reminder to examine safety critical items, especially lifting equipment.
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    Good advice and reminder to check jacking equipment, but never work on your pride and joy without axle stands, even for the quick basic jobs, when they fail the do it fast!
    Think safe, Keep safe.
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