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    My 2015 Makeover 160HP diesel CR-V eats batteries - I am on my third, and it looks as though I never get it fully charged, even on runs of 50km or more. Tonight the dealer is going to put a full charge in the battery overnight - I took it in for a recall (Automatic Transmission Fluid). Does someone understand the specs for trickle chargers? The guy at the dealer says 80amps, and I have found some quite reasonably priced chargers that claim 80ah. But what do you guys use?
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    I think any good smart charger has a trickle charge function once the battery is up to full charge. Mine is a Ring charger.
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    Has your dealer checked for parasitic voltage drop yet? I'm seriously stunned at that. Most batteries, especially in the case of the higher-end stuff like the batteries offered by Bosch, offer warranties of up to 5 years in some cases, but the issue shouldn't be occurring.
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    I agree with Matt. The situation you describe is not normal and certainly indicates some sort of continuing draw on the battery.

    Having said that, I've been using Accumate intelligent chargers on several cars for years and they are very good. I attach the provided plug to the battery and than just plug the charger into it and leave it. It charges the battery to the optimum level and then holds it there. They are also good for garden ride-on lawnmowers where they are not used for months on end.

    I have also read very good reports on the C-Tec chargers. You do of course require access to a power supply, so you really need off-road parking.

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    Use the CTec charger. Very good but agree that any good smart charger will do the job.
    From what I've been told, the battery never gets to full charge under normal running. This shows up on towing where it stops charging the caravan battery after a few minutes of starting. Need to run with headlights on to make it charge the caravan battery.
    Sounds to be something wrong somewhere to go through that many batteries.
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    @MikeM-271048. I had a new battery fitted under warranty at 2yrs service and 22,000 miles (came up on diagnostics, I did not report a problem). Since then I try to manage/limit use of auto stop function as I believe this does put a strain on the battery. Have you tried switching this off to see if it makes any difference?
    Also, not wishing to hijack thread, but was the ATF recall for the 9 speed auto, as I haven’t heard anything about it if so?
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    Hmm not heard about the ATF recall either.