Track ready ?

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    Hi all, thinking of going down the track ready look with my ek4 (have got intentions of going on track) just wondering what people have done to their eks ? and if theres any pics for some inspiration

    cheers tiny:Smile:
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    basically lighten the car as much as possible

    ideally bucket seats instead of the vti seats, try to balance the weight distribution so when youve stripped the back, relocate things from the front to the middle.

    282mm front brake disk upgrade

    LSD 4.7 final drive gearbox for better acceleration and better cornering traction

    usual breathing mods.

    some good tyres and light wheels

    decent rolll cage
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    i done a few in mine. spent alot of money in suspension but more on research. running d2 coilovers with custom springs, every strut under the sun, corner weighted and aldo a decent alignment. still got full interior and engine wise got a n1 pulley, lightweight flywheel induction and exhausts. also running 282mm with 3g discs and ferodo ds2500 with ap 5.1 fluid.

    this is more than enought to embarress most poorsches and ferrari's at brands. but i would say get basic set up and then spend money on track tution. this si the best weapon when on track. well well worth the money.