Track and Street Grampian big meet 27/7/13

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    TSG BIG MEET 27/07/13

    Right guys as some of you may know the staff of track and street grampian have been working since the last meet and we are happy to announce that finally all the details have been finalised.

    The meet will be held at Portlethen retail park within the car parks of argos, homebase, general george carpets and part of asda car park . the address is Muirend Rd, Portlethen Aberdeen Aberdeenshire AB12 4XP.

    The meet will be held on the 27th of july and will start start around 8pm and will go on until around 12pm.

    Grampian police will be at attendance at this event so everyone will have to be responsible and no anticsocial behaviour as it is a public car park and this will lead to legal actions being taken.

    click the link and join on the forum and enjoy some of the banter and share you cars and project threads or just come for a chat :

    check out the facebook event and click going:

    also if you haven't already like the facebook page:

    this should be a great night guys and is a great way to get to know members and to put faces to the names . also a great way to meet new people aswell .


    heres a few pics from our previous meets:



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    I'm up for this.
  3. jdm-rice Senior Member ★ ★ ☆ ☆ ☆

    Am heading up to this with 5 or 6 other cars from Perth if anyone is interested in a convoy
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    I'll be taking the scenic route on the way there. B roads - The movie.
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    Who went to this then ?