Electrical & Lights Towbar Wiring 2010 Accord

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    Hi All,

    I am looking at getting a towbar fitted on my 2010 Saloon Accord. Rang the local dealer and he said €600 fitted. Sounds a lot I know so therefore I am looking at fitting it myself. The towbar is the easy part to fit, it's the wiring that I am unsure about.
    Will a genuine honda wiring loom plug straight into the car some where? Will be putting the standard 7 pin plug on the towbar.
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    Thanks for the link it clears things up a bit. It seems a little different to what the Honda dealer is telling me, he says you have to run cable up under the carpet to the front of the car but from reading other forums this only needs to be done if the you are installing a 13 pin plug for caravans.

    Got a price for a Bosal swanneck towbar and smart wiring harness today for £180. Will the smart wiring harness work in the same way? Will it switch off the rear sensors when reversing?
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    I have the cable your dealer is talking about, it is used to provide the two power feeds to the 12S or 13 pin socket for the fridge and battery charge circuits.....not needed for a single 7 pin socket installation.

    Bosal manufacture the towbars for Honda, or at least the removable Honda one I have, so I 'd imagine it will fit fine.....good price too. My towbar is here, the model number is AK4 :-


    I can't comment on the wiring harness you mentioned, it might be worth asking them for fitting instructions so you can check it does what you want.....you might find it better to buy the wiring kit from Honda.
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    I have fitted a lot of towbars myself but on some of my cars I had the wiring done at a local trailer fitting place and most it cost to fit the wiring was £6o on a Peugeot 5008 usually £45. have you tried anyone for wiring only :Thumbup:
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    In response to Banditsid I had a look at the AK4 but ordered the swan neck. It will give the car some protection from others when parking, so I will leave it on permanently.

    I have ordered the towbar and the smart wiring harness, all from a Bosal dealer in the North of Ireland. He says the wiring harness comes with instructions and my mechanic will install the towbar and wire it no problem €335 for everything, (towbar, wiring and labour) so should have it all done by next Monday or Tuesday. Ill add a picture when done.
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    good idea about the swan neck fixed it acts like an extra protection, as I have found out in the past when rear ended and only damage was to other car :Smile:
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    I fitted a Westfalia Detachable towbar to my Tourer and wired it with a dedicated wiring kit with a 13pin socket for towing a caravan and its very easy.All the wiring is plug and socket with just a small loom to get to the battery its not difficult
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    I have a Bosal detachable swan neck towbar, which has a Honda badge on it and came with the car - looking unused. I have never used it but I, too, leave it on because it's the only protection for all that shiny plastic...
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    only problem with that is if you do get hit from behind it all probably damage the chassis.towbars are for pulling not absorbing impact. I always remove mine as soon as possible after unhitching.
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    I'm in France. Its not the big bumps, it's the French habit of parking by touch that i'm trying to protect against.
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    Ireland John Thurles
    Hello all, sorry for bringing back up an old post, wondering is it simple enough to wire in a universal plug into the accord 2009 Saloon? is there a junction box or where are the connections normally made? Thanks John
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    I don't know 100% on the 8th Generation but I installed a towbar on my 7th and it was a simple job where I just tapped the rear lights these are non-canbus so there isn't funny little wires like the German cars and its much easier.
    I don't like scotchloks I stripped and soldered mine and then used liquid electrical tape and they were great up until it was written off.