Engine & Gearbox Throttle Response

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    I understand that the 7th Generation accord has a drive-by-wire throttle.

    With my car I find the throttle is very responsive when accelerating, but very slow to respond when I take my foot off the peddle. So I have to change gear very slowly and methodically to allow time for the revs to decrease before selecting the next gear (if I don't want to sound like a beginner changing gear)

    If I try and change gear even moderately quickly, operating the clutch & throttle simultaneously, the engine revs annoyingly high.

    To try and explain it a different way; if I'm in neutral and rev the engine to say 2,500rpm then take my foot off the pedal the engine continues to maintain those revs momentarily before dropping to the usual tickover speed. It may be an idiosycrosy of a drive-by-wire throttle system, but it seems a problem to me, which I think is getting worse.

    Would anyone please offer any thoughts?
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    I've just seen this video which explains my problem exactly
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    I've never heard of this happening on the I-CDTI and can only suggest that the Accelerator Pedal Position (APP) sensor may be sticking. The engine has no actual throttle, so that sticking can be ruled out.

    Have a look at the APP sensor, it's bolted to the bulkhead exterior and the cable entry can be seen. Maybe it just needs oiling?
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    Thank you, your reply is really helpful and pointed me in the right direction. It's encouraging that it's not an idiosyncrasy of this car, but something that can hopefully be sorted.

    I now see that there is a mechanical part, involving the throttle cable, and a sensor, and the whole unit is easily accessible. The cable runs freely in its sleeve and there is no sign of corrosion in any of the mechanical parts, but I oiled it anyway as you suggest. So I'm suspecting that the sensor, which is a sealed unit may be faulty and need replacing
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    I was hoping you'd find a mechanical fault, as the internal electronics is a pair of potentiometers so the engine ECU can compare the pair of signals and flag any discrepancies (but you've not mentioned a warning light).

    The 2.4 petrol Accord uses the same APP sensor, but I don't think the 2L model had one.
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    There is no warning light displayed. Driving the car today it was nowhere as bad as yesterday.

    There seems to be numerous sensors for sale on places like eBay and Aliexpress ranging in price from £9 to £84 for what appears the same thing but I can't actually identify a part number. Cox Motor Parts sell the complete unit, mechanical and sensor for £242.65, but I really only want the sensor. And to not waste money!

    I saw one suggestion on another forum where a fella cured his problem by removing the sensor plug and spraying the contacts of the plug and socket with contact cleaner. I'm not expecting it to work for me but I will try that tomorrow anyway.

    Thank you for your input, it's appreciated.
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    I'm familiar with that thread. Good luck!
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    I've got similar problem even worse but it doesn't affect driving. If I don't watch rev. counter I wouldn't know about it. (7gen, 2.0L)
    The situation is the same like yours , just revs don't stay high when change gear , my revs instead go down, they first jump above current revs (moment when push clutch) and then go down slowly.
    So, I can't say mine case is mechanical problem of throttle body or APP, I haven't idea what is but it seems like engine response of pedal release delays...
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    Clutchslip? Clutch pedal switches not working?