Engine & Gearbox Thermostat/floor mats/vibrations

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    Hi all,

    I apologize if i didn't post in the correct sub forum.

    3 weeks ago i have bought a Honda Civic 8th Generation, 1.8 petrol and there are a few things that are bugging me

    1. i have changed the thermostat and coolant because when i bought it on my way back home on the Motorway the water temperature was almost close to completely cold. now it seems to be working fine, stays at the same location no matter if i'm in city or on the motorway, but i am still concerned that the temp is still low? ( see attached pic)


    2. i had to but some new floor mats because the car didn't have any. i am very happy with the quality of these that i bought but i am not sure what am i missing, should be some clips or something to keep them in place? ( see pics attached)
    IMG_20190219_170259. IMG_20190219_170303.

    3. the seller said that a couple of weeks before me buying the car had the whole clutch kit changed so i should not worry about this, yet i am right now. I don't feel any clutch slipping, i can easily change gears but the car vibrates when i start in 1st gear. at first i thought that i am not used to this car and need to rev it more, but the problem is still there even if i rev it to say 1200-1300 RPM. I have noticed that sometimes it doesn't do that, like for example if instead of putting it 1st gear and go, i go into 2nd gear and then back in 1st. A local mechanic mentioned something about my my clutch that might need some bleeding, maybe is still a bit of air inside the whole system.

    Any ideas/thoughts would be great.
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    As long as the water temp increases from 0 degrees/cold and then stays in the middle of the gauge that's fine. And do you have heating in the cabin- can you get hot/warm/ cold air when required, once the engine has warmed up?
    Looks like the carpet securing fittings are missing/ damaged on your pics. I have a CR-V and they have hooks to secure the carpet. Not sure about the Civic maybe someone can confirm?
    As a short term measure use double sided tape, if necessary, to hold the carpet?

    SOunds like something not right with the clutch. Can you take the car back to the dealer/supplier and ask for him to fix it?
    Car dealers are liable for such faults, especially if they just replaced the clutch. DId you get a receipt showing the clutch replacement work? Can you get the receipt? COntact the garage who did the work and ask for an inspection and fix?
    If a private sale then you are probably on your own.
    It may just need adjusting.
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    Hi Sandy52, thanks for your reply.

    once i have changed the thermostat, yes, i do have heat/cold whenever i want once the car warmed up. i might be just paranoid that's why i have attached the pictures for others with the same model to show me how it was supposed to be.

    Regarding the clutch, i bought the car from a private seller, he did have lots if invoices to back up his sayings except the clutch part, so i could only believe that what he said is true.
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    Hi @cristispot
    Temp looks fine that's where the gauge sits at on my Civic.
    Are the mats genuine Honda or after market here is a pic of mine the only difference I can see is that the holes are slightly larger on your mats.
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    Hi @rimmo the mats are from a website called carmats uk(don't want to put the link, might be considered advertising). Really they are high quality and i love them for the price paid. Indeed looking at your picture seems that your mats have a smaller hole. Weird way to keep them in place if you ask me, i thought there should be a plastic clip or something to cover that metal.

    Regarding thermostat, i have checked the specs for it and says that it should open at 78C, so i think that if it is like on most cars, where the water icon is temp should be around 90C. Having this in mind, if my water level is a cm before the water icon means that indeed the thermostat does its job.

    Also, about my clutch problem, i have noticed that if before putting in the 1st gear, i press the pedal 4-5 times, then the car starts just fine, no vibrations, so i tend to believe there is still some air left somewhere and need to bleed it out.
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    use vacuum bleeder to bleed slave master cylinder and flush with new fluid as well.
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    Hello @cristispot welcome to Club H-Tune
    it's customary for new members to introduce themselves via "Introduce Yourself".

    This is normal, all my Honda readings are pretty much same. Also drove the 8th Generation Civic and the thermostat normally sits there.
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    That's exactly where Hondas sit. Just below half way.
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    Quick update with what i've been doing to my car

    NSF tie rod and track rod
    Read brake discs and pads
    Tried to bleed the air from the clutch( no improvement)
    New NSF tyre (Kumho)
    Oil service
    Changed Air and Pollen filters(Mann)
    Changed spark plugs(NGK)

    and new MOT :Grin: