The Grand Tour

Discussion in 'Film & Television' started by Nighthawk, Monday 21st Jan, 2019.

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    Ok, so I know the Top Gear trio are like marmite, but personally, I love watching them. One of the only shows I actually watch on TV as I hate TV in general.

    Anyone seen the newest episode? Series 3, episode 1. They go to Detroit and get three muscle cars. I love every one of those cars, but its the Challenger, that is just a complete beast. That supercharger sounds just simply fantastic. :Wub: And that Camaro - what an excellent model name. What car do you drive? A prius? A Civic? No, I drive a Camaro Exorcist.
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    I Watched it last night and enjoyed it. Much better now without the interviews. That used to just feel like a filler to bulk it out.
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    I stopped watching Top Gear since the 3 musketeers left lol and really never got around to watch grand tour. You guys are encouraging me lol
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    Its better than top gear was IMO. They keep making little jabs at it too.
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