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6th Generation (1996-2000) vehicle added by TheCaptain, Thursday 10th Oct, 2019

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    The Captains EJ9 "Special K" project

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    Welcome to the project log for my Special K project car, I purchased a rolling shell EJ9 non sunroof version in September 2018 along with K20A2 engine and gearbox.

    The shell was super clean already so very little work to do on it really, although I will be colour coding all the plastics, and a few other bits of touching up.
    I have wanted to build a modified car myself since I was a lad, at which point I went through some pretty cool cars, did a few mods etc but mostly bought cars already modified.

    Now is my time to do a full build up from start to finish.

    JOBS completed so far, in no particular order (just as I remember them as the process started in Sep 2018 but had a massive gap from about Feb 19 to Oct 19):

    1. Full restoration of the of DC2 (4x114) suspension/trailing arms front and rear, strip, paint, new bushes/bearings.
    2. Restored front calipers, strip, paint, new pistons, seals, sliders and bleed nipples
    3. Replaced rear calipers, what fun that was, (see main garage page)
    4. New discs and pads (Mtec dimpled & grooved/EBC Yellowstuff)
    5. New Coilovers - HSD Monopro (9kg/6kg iirc)
    6. New rear lower control arms - Hardrace
    7. New front camber arms - Hardrace
    8. New rear toe and camber adjusters - Hardrace
    9. Restored EP3 driveshafts, swapped inners and fitted B'Series CV outers
    10. restored 1" Brake Master Cylinder
    11. Fitted an S2000 clutch master cylinder - cleaned up
    12. New front brake hardlines
    13. New DC2 40/40 prop valve
    14. Fitted Braided brake lines all round
    15. Fitted Hasport EKK2 engine mounts
    16. Fitted replacement windscreen washer bottle - Breakers/Cleaned up
    17. Restored DC2 PAS rack and converted to Manual steering - quick ratio rack 2.? turns lock to lock (new boots/rod ends)
    18. Refurbed Started motor / Vtec Solenoid (+plus new gauze/gasket) Various engine bracketry
    19. Fitted new idler kit and belt on the K20
    20. Fitted Lightweight Flywheel and new OEM Clutch kit
    21. Refurbed DC5 shifter
    22. Refurbed used alternator
    23. Fitted K-tuned water temp sensor and bung in place of the IACV
    24. Refurbed stock inlet manifold and Throttle Body (all new OEM gaskets)
    25. Fitted DC2 Anti roll bar + new hardrace bushes and hard race Compliance bushes
    26. Fitted Torques fuel rail on the engine, and fitted the stock pipe to AN -6 fitting for fuel line
    27. Made a start on modifying the front grill

    Loads of jobs to do, I am lucky if I get half a day a week to work on the car so progress is going to be a bit of a slow burner, but I will get, there, I have all the parts to finish (that I know of) other than the rest of the exhaust system which will be custom anyway and some seats/rails :Smile: I will update as I go.

    If anyone wants to see more pics, check out my instagram at the link: https://www.instagram.com/thecaptains_honda/

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    Finally sorted the correct rear calipers :Smile: Using what I thought were DC2 trailing arms on the rear, I ordered some MG ZS180 V6 rear calipers having been told numerous times they would fit, well the supplier didnt seem to know his stuff and decided that I didnt want the ZS180 ones and instead sent ZR and ZS variants which are designed to run a smaller rear disc.... After painting them (twice) they obviously didnt fit. I never did a test fit as the parts and the car were in different places.

    Paid my school fees on that one and ordered some genuine Nissin EK9/DC2 rear calipers, went to actually test fit before paint this time and it turns out the trailing arms are the MB6 variant, this means the carrier for the EK9 calipers did not fit the hub.... The good news is the calipers fit the original MB6 carriers spot on !

    WRONG CALIPERS as was clear to see once I went to fit them.

    20191002_152628. 20191002_155837.

    - - - Updated - - -
    Also note that the EK9/DC2 caliper carriers do not fit the hub from an MB6 as I found out; in order to use EK0 calipers you must use the original caliper carriers from the MB6 hubs. I thought all along these were DC2 ones, turns out they're not, be careful when buying old car parts, they could very be listed with the wrong information.

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    Feel your pain with getting wrong parts. All part and parcel of the modding life though, even when you do all the research and think you've purchased things that will fit and function, something will catch you out.

    Looking forward to following along.
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    #schoolfees LOL The biggest issues was the fact the seller decided to make the decision for me even though I put in the notes the exact spec and model of car etc. The MGZS has 2 types of caliper, one for the 239mm disc and the other for the 260mm disc, however it was ONLY the V6 engined MGZS 180 that had the 260mm disc, and this is the car I requested parts for. I suppose this is the risk when buying from eBay and the order processing staff clearly are not car people to even know the difference between a 1.4i ZS and the V6 variant LOL

    I should get the new calipers fully fitted this weekend now the new paint is dry LOL - Then I can fit the handbrake cables and braded hoses etc etc. :Smile:
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    Hey guys, I decided to compile some the video clips I had taken and start a little channel on youtube, reading txt for days is time consuming, so if you want to follow the progress without the reading, hit the link and check it out. Like and subscribe and all that :Smile: