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    I won't be replying personally to this topic in the short-term, I'll be using any and all feedback left - to compile an overall list of suggestions in our upper "Evangelists" section for what this company is choosing to immortalise as it's new "10 Point Policy".

    The Evangelists mostly comprise of current and previous staff members, any and all of which are welcome to apply for joining - if they have previously staffed any of the following in an official capacity whatsoever:
    • Civic Life
    • Accord Owners Club
    • Honda Karma
    • H-Tune
    My next big announcement post following up from this will be a simple "Yes" or "No" vote from every single registered member of this community, about whether we immortalise what these "Evangelists", the key people in our community/company bring back to you as our new "10-Point Policy", as what will be your company's new founding principles.

    If I had one more important remark to make, it's that I encourage any and all feedback both for and against, every single frustration this company or any of the above, have ever caused, as much as I feel it's only been 6 months where things have felt out of my hands, that has been my own failing. I hope I can underline this as our lowest point, and did what a leader needs to do, to make sure we do, infact, reach new heights - survive, and no lessons are left unlearnt - make no mistake that H-Tune will be reborn from the ashes, but that burn it to the ground I must to build the version of the company that the community truly deserves.

    @MattBeardless will be handling any and all requests to join the "Evangelists", on a case-by-case basis.

    On Monday I will be personally resuming managing our customer service single handedly, while I won't be operating a "8-8" service such as the warehouse has been running recently, I will be ensuring all messages received by 4pm each day, get a same weekday reply, and those outside of those hours simply wait until the next working day. If I am physically unable to fulfill my role on any given day for any particular reason, and not get back to you all, H-Tune's director joining on Monday will be covering for me - but only him, as I have one extremely weary and battle-worn staff team remaining, who are now only tasked with selling/shipping still in-stock parts in order to rebuild our new operating float for 2020 after existing customers' issues are fully resolved.

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