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    Bought my low mileage 2007 Accord 2.0i Exec 6 years ago and struggled to get any info on rear auto handbrake not releasing but finally got it sorted and recently had a flickering upper display which had me really worried until I happened across this forum which came up with the answer.
    Since owning this Accord I have spent a huge amount of time trawling the web for information and answers and I can state quite categorically that this forum is light years ahead of any other Honda forum anywhere. You fellows even know more than the dealers and garages and are happy to share your knowledge which is quite remarkable in this day and age.
    Although I am long since retired I used to race tune E-Type Jaguars and Astons many years ago so I know a little about cars but I would have sold this Accord if I had not come across this forum because of the difficulty in getting technical information necessary for repairs.
    Thanks to H-TUNE I am now confident that I will be able to repair any faults that might arise on what I consider to be a superb motor car. :gohonda:
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    We're very happy that you've found our site helpful.

    Please feel free to add guides or information about the jobs you carry out on your Accord, as this is what others have done for you to be able to fix your Honda.
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    Thanks for the kind words @Surveyor, it's good to hear positive feedback.

    Forums are communities that depend on members participating to keep them functioning, please do hang about and participate where you can.
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    Hi @Surveyor . Welcome and thank you for the kind words. I am fascinated however with your experience of racing E Type Jags and Astons. I would love to hear more about those. Got any pictures? Did you race professionally?
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    Hello @Surveyor Glad to hear Club H-Tune has been help to you.
    It would be nice if you stick around, your knowledge and experience will be beneficial to people here.
    You could start by add you Accord to the Club Garage, it would be nice to see what you drive.
    Here are some useful information:
    "Popular Guides For New Members"