Electrical & Lights Symmetry at last

Discussion in '7th Generation (2003-2008) [Acura TSX]' started by Heckler, Thursday 4th Apr, 2019.

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    Finally, after months of searching... I found a euro rear light and it arrived this morning.

    So it used to look like this...
    2019-04-04 13.45.02.
    Now it looks like this
    2019-04-04 13.57.08.

    And with a red LED fitted it glows like this (not as easy to see in daylight, but it's pretty bright)
    2019-04-04 14.00.34.

    If there's one thing that bugs me about lights on cars... it's when they lack symmetry and I have to try and rectify it. I tried and failed to find one for the tourer... eventually giving up after 2yrs of trying. But this one took me almost 6 months to track down. It wasn't cheap, but I knocked them down from 40 to 25 euros and had to pay shipping on top from France... So the whole thing cost me almost £40 because shipping was almost the same as the light... Because ebay sellers are greedy feckers at times and jack up postage fees.

    Now I'm thinking I might tint those rear lights a little, but leave the fog/reverse light clear... I did it on my old MX6 and that look really cool.
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    Whenever I see and read your posts, I know that I needed to do the same or similar things which will cost me money!
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    I gave up work in late 2010 partly due to some health issues and partly because I needed to help care for my late father who had parkinsons and dementia. I went through roughly 7yrs of living week to week, hoping that nothing ever went wrong with my cars and living out of my overdraft most of each month.

    So modifying cars wasn't an option during that time... Just keeping them on the road and occasionally when I had a few spare £££ (usually xmas/birthday money) I could do a little upgrade.

    But for the last year my income has improved greatly and I can actually save money each month. I've pretty much been saving for the last 15 months... So I've been able to do some of those little mods If I want too. Although in hindsight... doing cosmetic mods whilst there are still mechanical issues to resolve is not the smartest move as I'm kinda out of money now with this thing I've got in the pipeline (It's currently a secret, will announce more next week)

    Got another update being added to my project log today too.