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    I took possession of my new 2018 CR-V EX just over a week ago and it has Garmin Navigation sat nav in it unfortunately. It keeps pinging at me whenever it thinks the traffic is slowing down, like I haven't been driving for thirty years and don't know what I'm doing. I wouldn't mind if I've switched the sat nav on, but I rarely use it. Most of the time the screen switches itself off after a few minutes of me ignoring the warning about not doing anything that would mean killing somebody by fiddling with the navigation system. So even though I have not done anything to it to acknowledge the presence of the who Naviation system, let alone the sat nav, it still thinks it needs to make noises at me, which are more distracting than the traffic!

    Unfortunately I can't find anything in the manual to be tell me how to turn off all the annoying audible alerts. Can anyone point me to the right page or let me know the steps to take?

    I can't stand the Garmin system. Before I pressed one on-screen button to fix north at the top, now I have to go through layers and layers of menu options and settings. What rubbish.

    Anyway, if someone can tell me how to quieten down the stupid thing I would be grateful.

    Thank you.
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    Hi there

    Take it you have the European (UK) version and it will probably be a 4th generation so in wrong section. If so ask a mod to move post, you'll get more help in the right section.

    Sounds like you have the sensing pack which I believe is coming as standard now. It will be this causing the bongs not the sat nav.

    The settings are altered via the steering wheel controls but not having it on mine I can't help there but info on it will be in the main manual, not the sat nav one.