stuck with my private reg

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    i have a bit of a problem, i have a Del Sol at the moment, and i got a private reg from my dad in america for my 21st. now its very important to me as it has my first name initial, J and it also has my last name, Ng but at the same time my nickname/username, Ngy;

    J100 NGY

    so... im going to import a DC2 early 2010, say Feb time. i have to sell the Del Sol in order to pay for some of the DC2 but i obv want to keep the reg. i have been on the DVLA site and i think i am just being simple, but i can't understand how it works... i can either

    1) transfer the reg, but i need to have the current car and the new car in my posession, so that won't work?

    2) retain the reg, costing
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    will you have the other car at the same time as your current 1?
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    Probably best to wait until the new car is in your name tbh, as IIRC it's another
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    cheers for the replies guys...

    no, i was planning to put the sol up for sale as soon as the MOT is done on 3 jan, and hoping it would sell before feb!

    all of this reg business is a waste of money IMO! if you buy a private reg, it should be yours and no more payments should have to be made, transfers etc...

    i think i may go into the local DVLA tomorrow and ask them... if flooding isnt an issue here lol
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    Its a pain in the arse mate.

    Go the the DVLA office with all your documents for the delsol, logbook, MOT, tax. . . and pay them the
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    Just had a look on the site, they're just a tad vague aren't they? Basically just tells you the questions but rephrased and then tells you to get a form. Might as well wait for your knob to jerk itself off. BEst bet, ring em or ask em personally. Will be a lot easier unless you get a total mong trying to serve you whjen you get there.
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    ok, and after paying
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    which is guaranteed to happen no doubt! lol

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    lol probably. You'll be stuck there, papers in one hand, thinking...'does this retard even know which way is up?' Oh well, good luck man :Grin:
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