Suspension, Steering and Brakes Strange sound from steering. 08 Petrol.

Discussion in '3rd Generation (2006-2012)' started by Blinker, Wednesday 3rd Jul, 2019.

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    Hi folks
    Now in to five weeks of ownership and had encountered no issues up until this morning. Started up and noticed that when turning the steering wheel from side to side there was like a whooshing air noise, like it was coming through the air vents, really quite pronounced, and an occasional slight squeel when turning the wheel, like a strained steering pump sort of noise. This was while car was stationary but continued as I drove
    I've usually got the music on and so maybe noise has always been there and I just haven't noticed up to now
    Maybe even normal.?
    Any ideas anyone?

    Car drives okay otherwise
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    United Kingdom Matt Derby
    Hi @Blinker,

    If possible, safe and legal, please get us a video/recording of this noise and we'll see if we've got any ideas here at H-Tune.

    It's worth checking your power steering fluid level to be on the safe side, as well as checking for any visible leaks.

    Please let us know how you get on,

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    Cheers Matt for reply,
    So, last night I went out to the car to try and capture the noise. Started up, turned the wheel from side to side and noise was still there, almost like a bellow air blow sort of sound as I turned steering from right to left and back again, sounded like it was coming through the air vents but I then thought that it might be coming from below at the steering column.
    So I open the drivers door to record the sound and as I'm turning the steering wheel from side to side I realise that the noise has disappeared.
    Can't explain other than with the doors closed a vaccum was created causing the sound.
    My other issue with the slight occasional rattle from engine bay as I turned steering from side to side I'm thinking might be related to the exhaust.
    As it's the petrol version I've got there is no power steering fluid level to check as I've EPS, so I'm assuming there is no hydraulics to check?
    The recording in any case failed miserably, too much other noise to be of any use.
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    Hello, I also have the 2008 petrol CR-V. You are correct...they have electric power steering.
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    GG87, how do you find the electric power steering? First car I've owned with EPS and found it strange at first, a bit of a robotic feel to it versus hydraulic. Took a little getting used to.
    Following on from my initial post regarding the strange noises coming from my air vents when turning the steering wheel from one side to the other ,got to admit I was clutching at straws with the vaccum theory. Even with the door open the noise reappeared , however finally tracked it down to the fact that as I had no aeriel mast and with radio on and volume up, turning the wheel from side to side created the whooshing noise I was hearing, as soon as I turned the volume right down the noise disappeared. Not quite sure why, perhaps a combination of having EPS and no mast, interference of some sort.

    Anyway, problem solved.