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    Has anyone seen the news about the unfortunate boy who died in his Odyssey? It's a tragic story.
    He seemed to be leaning over the rearmost seats to ferret in the 'boot', when they reclined. His body weight forced the backrest down even more, and this compressed him against the tailgate. He couldn't remove his body weight so eventually asphyxiated.
    I think lots of JDM minivans could be susceptible to this, and indeed, I've definitely leant over the back myself rather than folding the seat forward or getting out the vehicle. Do you think there are any mods that could be performed to give a person in this position a means of self rescue? I wondered about a Bowden cable doubler fitted to a bike brake lever etc so the tailgate could be released.
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    Interesting and sad article, the kids get the school bags out of the back of mine pretty much daily by reaching over the rear seats.

    In saying that the design on ours is different with split seats and the release on the side of the seat vs the Odyssey which has a bench with the release in the middle and a long strap for engagement of the recline mechanism. Other thought which would help in the prevention of it happening on the Stepwgn is the logistics of the latch mechanism, you need to pull ours forward/back to release the seat back vs pulling up like in the Odyssey which would appear to be far easier to do accidentally via bag strap or other item being pulled up and out of the boot area. The newer versions of the Odyssey have split rear seats but still utilize the long strap for reclining. There are some good photos here

    The idea of an internal boot release mechanism might be a solution, but I would look more at the design and placement of the mechanism as well to help avoid accidental engagement.

    All said tragic accident and done its not a way of perishing via car that I had ever considered but one that at least I'm aware of now, thanks for sharing.