Sold Stilo ST4F crash helmet + OEM Clear & Red Iridium Visors (HANS, Radio + Hydration Ports)

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    Item for Sale: Stilo ST4F crash helmet included with 2 visors.  Stilo Clear and Stilo Red Iridium Visor + HANS Post + Hydration/Radio Port

    Price: £720 Delivered - Parcelforce 48

    Location: West Sussex, Felpham

    Condition: Used, but in mint condition.  5 hours of indoor karting usage.  Helmet only 8 months old.

    Description:  Here we have my Stilo ST4F (Medium 57cm) helmet for sale. The helmet comes with both the Stilo clear visor AND a recently purchased Red Stilo Iridium visor, brand new this set up would cost around £900.


    The helmet is in amazing condition, no cracks, no dents etc, it has never dropped or abused. I have only used it in total of around 4-5 hours maximum through indoor go karting and nothing else.


    I bought this helmet DIRECT from Stilo and if you look at the photos, you will see the invoice was dated February 2013 so it really isn't old at all.


    I bought the red iridium visor from Nicky Grist brand new and has only seen 2 hours of indoor karting.


    As for the helmet, I always cleanse it after use inside and out ensuring it is always fresh and like new. 


    Reason for selling is because I am looking for a dedicated karting helmet, as you can see, this helmet has a hydration port and radio port and HANS device clips. All 3 of these features have never been used and is like new.


    The helmet also comes with ear protection ear cups which can be taken out


    This is an extremely high quality helmet and is very comfortable. My head is around 57.5 and fits nice and snug.
    If you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask me.


    PLEASE NOTE: Helmet WILL come with a CLEAR visor AND a Red iridium which is both original anti fog Stilo visors.

    PLEASE NOTE: Honda Banner Visor Stickers will NOT be included.













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