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    Hi all,
    I have just installed an aftermarket chinese double din into my tourer and struggling with which pin from the old radio is for the steering wheel. My car only has three buttons. Mode, vol up/down and channel up/down.

    From research I can gather that it is supposed to be pin 3 and 11. However, I purchased a T harness from connects2 .com which is making things a bit confusing. on the harness pin 3 is unlabelled and I am assuming this is indeed one of the steering wheel control cables however pin 11 is labelled as left front positive.

    The only other cable not labeeled in the T harness is pin 4. 2 questions please:

    1) Is it correct to assume that pin 3 and 11 are the steering wheel control cables?
    2) If the above is true, I am assuming somehow I will need to repin the harness?

    Any help is much appreciated


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    Sorry for not replying yet, I don't seem to be getting notifications from the website reliably when I'm tagged or for updates on subscribed topics.

    To be honest, I've never connected one of these headunits from a lesser known brand, and usually get a properly stalk adaptor.

    If you bought a basic ISO harness to go from car's wiring harness to the wiring harness on the the head unit, then you may need to also buy a stalk adaptor. Usually the wiring goes from car wiring to stalk adaptor to car stereo.

    When I installed the Pioneer double DIN in my CL9, I used the double DIN dash kit (as I replaced OEM sat nav), and this came with the 'stalk adaptor' included, so it was simply a matter of plugging the harness in and everything worked.

    In your current situation, I'm not sure if it's as simple as plugging into pins 3 and 11 on the ISO harness.

    If you could give me details on the car you are using (model, spec and if you're replacing double din / single din( then I can try and provide more assistance.
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    Not sure if this will help, but this person describes adding SWC to a car that a 7th Generation didn't have them.

    According to him, the following 2 wires are for SWC on the 7th Generation wiring harness that goes into rear of radio

    Instead of repinning the wiring harness that may have missing pins, you could maybe try to just splice the 2 wires from the head unit onto the 2 wires indicated on the OEM wiring harness ?
    - - - Updated - - -

    Did a check and Connects2 doesn't seem to supply a stalk adaptor for the 7th Generation Accord, other than a 'universal one'. According to their docs though, this only seems to apply to the 7th Generation (Acura TSX) from 2006 onwards. Here are the instructions for the universal SWC harness
    - - - Updated - - -
    I've also found this doc, which tells how to connect the universal SWC harness to a 2006 Acura (anything older than 2006 and it doesn;t show as compatible, so doesn't show wiring information)

    Hope this helps. Let us know how you get on (maybe a review on the unit you installed as well ?)
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