Electrical & Lights SRS airbag light remains on.

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    My car was involved in an incident on the offside behind the drivers door, the side curtain and drivers seat air bags were deployed along with the seat belt pretensioner. I have replaced these Items and had the crash data removed but the SRS airbag light remains on. I have had the system tested and it all passes, no error codes, so I am at a loss as to what could still be wrong. Has anyone come across this before or can suggest any other ideas that I can check.

    Any help would be appreciated.


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    It seems odd that you get the SRS warning light but no error codes. Is the diagnostic equipment definitely able to read this generation Honda SRS error codes?
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    I am told it can, it's a Foxwell NT644 pro UK version that gets regular updates. I was hoping I was just missing something simple like a reset somewhere.
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    I guess you've tried disconnecting the battery for 20 minutes or so?
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    I have now fully charged the battery overnight, whilst on the car, but not disconnected for that amount of time, only 5 or 10 mins. I'll give than a go. It has to be something :Smile:
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    @Zebster the other thread has been dealt with. Thank you for letting us know.
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    I have fully charged the battery and left it disconnected for 2 hours but it has not made any difference. I have measured the resistances of the replacement parts and get different reading drivers seat airbag is 2.2 ohms, drivers seat belt pre-tensioner is 2.0 ohms and side curtain airbag is 2.1 ohms could these slight differences in resistances cause the light to stay on but not give any error codes.?
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    I doubt it, as the absolute resistance differences are within what you might expect from manufacturing tolerances and connector variance.
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    Silly question... but does it need resetting by plugging into a HDS and erasing any existing codes stored.
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    Yes I made up some resistors to the exact value and it's still the same.
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    Yes, I'm coming to that conclusion but I don't have access to a HDS. Most people say that ones on eBay don't work with Civics so I'm vary about buying one. The car has no tax or MOT so I can't take it anywhere. . Any advice on where to get a working HDS from would be appreciated.
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    I think your best bet would be to start a separate thread asking if anyone in your area with a HIM/HDS could come round and perform diagnostics for you (maybe also do the same on Civinfo). If I remember correctly, you enter the VIN into the HDS before connecting, so hopefully compatibility could be established at an early stage.
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    Check the connectors. One of the connectors on my Accord is loose and randomly triggers the air bag lights to come on.
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    Update - issue now resolved. Had the SRS unit rechecked and the light now turns off, so all good. They put a different overlay in the unit.

    Thanks for all the help and suggestions.