Sold Sport Compact Car, Engine and Driveline handbook, Haynes Max Power manual

Discussion in 'Miscellaneous' started by Sandy., Saturday 23rd Mar, 2013.

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    Item for Sale: Engine and Driveline Handbook

    Price: £13 posted

    Location: Cirencester

    Condition: 10/10

    Description: Full of useful info into how to tune your car and getting the best out of it, covers engine upgrades and lots of other stuff (been an age since i read it!)


    Item for Sale: Haynes Max Power manual

    Price: £7 posted

    Location: Cirencester

    Condition: 8/10

    Description: Had this for an age was close to making me get a bodykit for my Ej2! Has some handy guides and could be of use to someone on here possibly!

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    Thank you Kadir, you are on it tonight!
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    Your welcome buddy. Good luck with the sales. :Smile: