Specs on a 98 Civic sport hatch

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    Can someone please tell me what are the specs on a 98 civicsport... and how does it vary to a regular 1.4... because i have one in Vsm and i has quite a push at times...
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    No difference in power mate, I had one and with an AEM V2 and full Mongoose exhaust system though which made 110bhp :Smile:

    Sport doesn't have ABS or AC, but has pretty much everything else the SE has.


    14" 5 spoke alloy wheels

    Leather steering wheel

    'Grade 2' Pioneer tape player/speakers

    Electric windows

    Electric door mirrors

    Electric sunroof


    And a 'Sport' badge on the back!

    Think that's it :Smile:
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    LOl ok cheers mate!
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    so basically sport is just a placebo lol