solicitors, and sarasan! friday the 13th special

Discussion in 'Steam Room' started by EGplease, Friday 13th Nov, 2009.

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    so after a bit of a time with my mum and her ex. she got him off the mortgage and got an extra amount of cash on the mortage to do some much needed repair on our home... so while waiting to get that through me and her save up some cash and decided to get a new bathroom.

    over the last few days the solicitors and the houseing people have been fucking us about so hard its rediculous. they both made it out to be like you sign up and answer a few questions and job well done. NOT!!!!

    the fee unded up being nrealy a grand and now the housing people are telling us that we need to prove that all the money is going toward the house also need quote to the penny.... they could have told us this at the beginning of october but they didnt the stiff bastards are doing anything they can to stop the payout.

    they study for years, go through so much training and work their jobs day in and day out for the total outcome of complete failure now we're in debt and seriously fuck!!!!... its looking grim... Happy friday the 13th

    rant over.
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    Why are people so open to revealing their pretty serious family issues on the internet.

    I mean, best of luck with everything, genuinely..
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    But never the less, hope it works out and there's nothing we can do more than say just that.
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    its not really about the financial situation.

    it the fact that these people went to uni spent money and trained there asses off to do this job and they are wrong constantly!!!!

    then these houseing people have fucked us about and for what this started at the begining of october all they had to do is tell us what we needed up front no bullshit.

    why would you only tell half stories???
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    Solicitors cost a lot of money some charge 30 quid to send a letter so all these costs add up, unfortunately they are expensive but as long as they are doing their job right then you are getting good value for money as being a solicitor is a hard job hence why they train for so many years. Housing associations are another matter if thats who your on about like council ones? They are bloody useless IMO had too many dealings with them and if they are causing the problems i do feel sorry for you.