Found *SOLD* Tegiwa EK/EM rear lower tie bar *SOLD*

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    Item for Sale: Tegiwa EK/EM rear lower tie bar in silver.

    Price: *SOLD*

    Location: Leicester.

    Condition: Used but in good condition.

    Description: Rear lower tie bar from Tegiwa, is a replica of the Beaks tie bar. See here if you want further information:

    The lower tie bar, as its name suggests, ties together the inner mounting points of the lower control arms reducing any flex. The bar is in good condition, it has some bolt marks on the brackets from where it was fitted but these will be hidden by your bolts when fitted and has a very small graze on the underside where it has caught on something but cannot see this when fitted either, please see below for pictures of both.

    I know that Tegiwa are not held in very good regard by some so I can remove the decal if you so wish :whistle: lol!




    98E66362-04B3-4154-ACEB-1A27F04158D8-7578-000005BD1606D45C. DCE12C18-4B87-4416-AF47-00101E2B9F9F-1222-000000F1788DE2C4.
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