Found *SOLD* Meister R Zeta S coilovers for Civic (EK/EG fitment) *SOLD*

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    *SOLD* Item for Sale: Meister R Zeta S coilovers for Civic (EK/EG fitment) *SOLD*

    Price: £440ono collected or £450ono delivered (48 hr courier)

               Paypal or cash on collection, paypal fees to be covered by buyer

    Location: Leicester.

    Condition: Very good used condition, 9/10.

    Description: These are Meister R Zeta S coilovers; I had these fitted to my EM1 for a year and a few months and in that time they've done around 6-8000 miles. Only reason for sale is returning the car to a more standard condition for a while gearing up to sell it in the future as fancy a change.

    As you can see in the pictures below they are in very good condition and barely look used. I protected them before they went on the car and kept them cleaned up and greased regularly while they were fitted to keep them in good condition. There are some marks from fitting where the front forks slide over the damper body and where the top mount meets the car but nothing significant or visible while on the car. There are a few areas on the springs where some paint has flaked off but I can paint these areas in before I let them go if wanted, just didnt want to do it prior to advertising them and looking like I was hiding anything. This can be seen in the pictures at the bottom. 

    I stripped them all down and gave them a good clean/degrease when I removed them and everything is free and unseized. The damper boots and seals are all in brilliant condition and all threads are the same. The C spanners are present and included as can be seen below.

    Really rate them highly, as do others on here, quite a few seem to be using them. The ride was firm but very good and not crashy or uncomfortable. They have plenty of adjustment for height and damping and the car handled fantastic on them, completely transformed the way it drove and cornered! 

    Added plus is that Jerrick of Meister R is on the forum and UK based so any info, questions or support you may need is very easy to get. 

    Open to sensible offers but won't take pennies as they are in very good condition and are around £700 new. So no low ball offers please.




    Front close up:






    Drivers front:


    Drivers rear:


    Passenger front:


    Passenger rear:


    Split down and cleaned:


    C Spanners:


    Paint missing:



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    Thanks Kadir.
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    Hi mate can u give me the lowest u will tale delivered to London please I'll most likely fake them off of ur hands :Smile:

    Pm me If u like ? Also with ur paypal details :Smile:
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    Pm's replied.
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