Found *** SOLD*** EK9 cupholders (Genuine honda) ***SOLD***

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    ***SOLD*** Item for Sale: EK9 cupholders ***SOLD***

    Price: £40 collected or £45 delivered (48hr courier)

              Paypal or cash on collection, buyer to cover payapl fees.

    Location: Leicester.

    Condition: Used but fully working and excellent condition!

    Description: Genuine Honda EK9 pop out cupholders, in original box. In very good condition and in fully working order. Very easy and quick item to fit and is a real bonus to have! Especially on a long drive or if you have drinks in your car often.





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    Cheers Kadir!
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    first three photos aren't working for me... 
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    They are viewing fine for me mate, not sure whats wrong there....

    Anyone else unable to see them?