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Discussion in 'Detailing & Cleaning' started by Harvey, Sunday 5th Feb, 2017.

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    It seems not a week goes by when my little brother doesn't ask to use my snow foam lance and pressure washer.

    So today I let him loose once again, while he is always happy to make a mess and get the snow foam everywhere, I get a clean car as well. Plus so did one of my friends who turned up in a very dirty vw polo company car. 20170204_142558. 20170204_142533. 20170204_142459. 20170204_142452. 20170204_142441.

    Of course that is not how I left it, she got washed after this, and then gone over with some autoglym aqua wax as I didn't have time to fully clay and polish her up before having to be somewhere. But when I did get back I cleaned all the glass with autoglym glass polish, now being too dark to take a decent pic.
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    If he likes cleaning that much I should bring my 4x4 over after a competition. :Grin:
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    I don't think it's the cleaning he likes, more just using the pressure washer and snow foam lance.
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    Whenever I get my wash kit out my little one always wants to have a go, I let him carry on he has so much fun!
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    Haha, nice. Kids always love making a mess, even if in this case, it's making the car clean
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