Engine & Gearbox Skim limit on b16 with skunk 2 pros

Discussion in 'Honda B-Series' started by sir_tom, Tuesday 29th Dec, 2009.

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    I'm currently rebuilding my head to accept some skunk 2 stage 2 pro cams. I know these will work better with a higher compression so I'm wondering how much my head can be skimmed to raise it a bit?

    Thanks, Tom
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    hey mate i had a skim on my old b16a2 01638743797 thats the engineering companythat done it mate and they are wiccked at what they do
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    Ok mate may give them a bell.

    Where are they located?
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    Id say it depends on what pistons you are using and what the piston-to-deck height will be.
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    I had 5thou taken off.Don't take off too much or you'll have valves meeting pistons!
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    to get the sort of compression that these cams will work best with you should really go with new pistons with a range of 11:1 cr on a b16. i have seen countless dyno sheets for these and they seem to work very well with the 1.8+l's but only produce good figures on 1.6's with great compression.
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    The compression increase through skimming will be barely worth talking about.

    Remember that unless you fit larger valves, theres not much point in getting cams with a higher lift than an EK9 or DC2 cam. (As Valve head diameter x 0.25 = distance the valve should open to acheive max flow, anymore won't increase the flow any further).

    More aggressive quientening ramps fair do's
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    Ok thanks for the advise everyone. I got the cams at a price I couldn't really refuse though so I may as well give them a go. I may swap them out for a set of ITR or something at a later date if I don't get on with them.