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    My Honda shudder on full lock is this right I was told at the garage that it was a common fault can some one help
  2. Zebster Club Veteran ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

    Stationary or moving?What model and year Honda is this? Wouldn't say it was at all common, although if your model has hydraulic power steering then maybe air is getting in and/or the fluid is leaking out? If it is hydraulic have you checked the level and whether the fluid has become black?
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    My CR-V 3rd Generation developed this fault and I was told that the rear diff needed flushing. (The intelli 4WD being at fault.) This solved my problem although it was quite an expensive dealership fix.
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  4. MattBeardless Service Team H-Tune Staff

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    As above, new differential oil might be a good starting point - available from us here at H-Tune.