Engine & Gearbox Share the Quirks of Your Vehicle

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    You can never truly get a sense of a car until you've owned it. I thought it'd be fun to share the minor flaws, quirks, or idiosyncrasies of our cars. The traits that give them character and personality. Lets make our first three points identical, then rattle off as many quirks as you can think of. Go!

    Make/Model/Transmission: -
    Redline Shift Points: -
    When people sit in my car, they're surprised that: -

    Make/Model/Transmission: Acura Legend 4AT
    Redline Shift Points: 40, 67, 100 (mph)
    When people sit in my car, they're surprised that: foot well lights illuminate their shoes at night.
    • The sun visors sag about an inch from where they should in the closed position. There is no solution.
    • After washing the car, water always collects like a tear drop just below the grille on the passenger side bumper.
    • Pulling the bass-fader knob out a couple of millimeters will cause the lights on the stereo to go out at night.
    • Using the volume control on the steering wheel will cause the volume knob on the stereo to rotate.
    • The buttons on the climate control make a beep noise each time you press them. The future!
    • The gas gauge indicates the cars fuel level even when the car is off.
    • If a Legend has ever used non-OEM coolant in it's lifetime, the hoses and seals will weep causing the engine bay to smell like coolant. Full-on leaks are not common unless non-OEM coolant is used indefinitely.
    • The automatic transmission has planetary gears which are common in manual transmissions and uncommon in automatics. The result is a very positive up-change. Wide-open-throttle shifts feel like power shifts.
    • The Legend is one of the only cars I've ever driven with an automatic transmission that allows you to feel pressure from the kick-down switch in the accelerator pedal. This allows you to stay in a high gear easily or change down as you choose.
    • Unfortunately, the fuzzy logic in the transmission computer is quite near-sighted. The car will not intuitively hold a lower gear if it detects you're going up a hill at a steady pace or anything of that nature. It wants to be in the top gear at all times and will do so as slow as 25mph.
    • The Legend is an Acura on the outside and a Honda on the inside. While the bumpers and airbags have Acura branding, the valve covers and numerous relay boxes and trinkets are Honda branded. In the early days, even the fluids they would sell you at the dealership were Honda branded.
    • The light in the glovebox tends to stay on while the glovebox is closed hitting your side seat passenger in the eyes at night. The switch creates a indentation in the felt it rests against over time causing the switch to remain open.
    Make/Model/Transmission: Honda S2000 6MT
    Redline Shift Points: 40, 60, 80, 100, ? (mph)
    When people sit in my car, they're surprised that: The underside of the roof is black. Non-convertibles almost always have light colored roof liners.

    • The car has a clutch delay valve. This automatically slips the clutch if the shock of engagement is too great. It makes for a dynamite launch out of 1st gear but power shifting is impossible.
    • There's an irritating bump in power that happens at 3200 RPM. It's irritating because it only happens 80% of the time. The other 20% of the time it's a smooth surge of power. The bump seems to be completely random but is probably drive-by-wire related.
    • The brake bias is just a tiny bit on the tail. You can feel the tail wiggle if you're hard on the brakes and don't let off soon enough turning in. This issue is exacerbated by my snow tires as they are one section narrower in the front and TWO sections narrower in the rear.
    • You might think the black roof makes the car a magnet for the summer sun but you'd be wrong. The windows are small in comparison to the canopy making the interior 10-15ºF cooler than my Legend.
    • In freezing temperatures, the digital dash doesn't update in a useful or read-able way.
    • Using the parking brake for longer than 24 hours is not a great idea. Surface rust on the rotors will freeze the brake in place. This leads me to my next point.
    • Ordinary driving is not sufficient for removing surface rust from the rotors. You need to conduct some hot stops or stand on the brake and throttle. I warped my rear rotors after failing to do this.
    • I can hear exhaust gases rushing through the pipes beneath the cabin during wide-open-throttle at low RPMs. It's a metallic wooshing.
    • If I ever get a flat, and I have, the doughnut can only go on the front axle. For a rear flat (which is more common) this will mean that you have three different sized tires on your car and no matching axles. The result is a kind of teeter totter. Putting the obviously smaller doughnut on the rear axle would destroy the differential in feet, not miles.
    • As you engage the clutch from a stop, the idle valve will increase power to the engine in response to the drag on the clutch. It's the only manual I've ever driven where the revs go up when you engage the clutch in first.
    • If you still manage to engage the clutch too quickly from a stop, the car will chatter quite loudly. I don't know what it is but a lot of things are very tight and it sounds awful.
    • If you try to redline the car before the temperature reaches the third bar on your dash, you'll first be surprised that VTEC doesn't engage at 6000 rpm, then you'll be surprised that the fuel cut off is 6500 rpm. That's a bad way to pull out into traffic on a cold day.
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    nice one I will have to think of something.:jock:
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    likewise - im sure she has some which I have just gotten used to.
  4. Leo at H-Tune Director H-Tune Staff

    United Kingdom DeviateDefiant Kettering
    Make/Model/Transmission: Accord Type-S, K24A3 6MT
    Redline Shift Points: 36mph, 56mph, 78mph (EP3/7600rpm)
    When people sit in my car, they're surprised that: She appears to be a quiet family saloon until WOT happens.
    • My audio interface, Eonon, freezes if I stall the car of turn the ignition on and leave it for a few seconds before turning the engine.
    • The car's fast, but catch me at <2000rpm and I'm going nowhere fast, the mid/high band naturally has all the power.
    • Using the footrest next to the clutch pedal is more uncomfortable than having my foot poised above the clutch.
    • I cannot go WOT in 1st and 2nd without spinning the wheels and shaking the car - I basically need wider rims for more traction.
    • I have to use silicone filled bags in winter on the dash to stop the girl from misting up, I can IPA here but it comes back again with a week or two - basically, I've a bad seal on one of the glass panes.

    Make/Model/Transmission: Accord Type-R, H22A7 5MT
    Redline Shift Points: 41mph, 64mph, 94mph (7800rpm)
    When people sit in my car, they're surprised that: She actually has life left in her.
    • She's heavily lowered, half the suspension components are shot, but she still handles better than my '07.
    • She's actually a lot slower than my '07 despite being a Type-R. Stock for stock, the Type-R is definitely faster, but not by as big a margin as you'd think.
    • H-Series (like B/F-Series) VTEC makes K-Series i-VTEC seem like a minor cough.
    • The gearbox is notchy on genuine Honda MTF3 but not Redline/Amsoil MTF.
    • She's mapped for 98RON fuel out of the factory - and there's a sticker on the fuel flap stating only to use that.
    • She has crappy budget tyres, but they actually grip pretty well - every car I've ever brought has had shockingly bad budget tyres and I've replaced them.
    • My phone audio is better than the car speakers.
    • I may run her as my daily driver.
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    Make/Model/Transmission: 2012 Accord I-DTEC Automatic
    Redline Shift Points: Who knows, it's a diesel automatic :Grin:
    When people sit in my car, they're surprised that: It's "only" a Honda, and how well made and luxurious it is, not to mention how quiet it is at speed.
    • The area where the rear numberplate is sited, is the same shape as the front grille (go on 8th Generation owners, have a look!)
    • The elastic strap in the corner of the boot holds a one litre bottle of oil perfectly.
    • The small blue lights in the drivers footwell reflect beautifully off the sports pedals, and I think that looks very cool.
    • The "double unlock" feature on the key is great fun when you have passengers you want to annoy - one click, open the drivers door, and leave the passenger standing at a still locked door!
    • After washing, water collects at the bottom of the front grille, and this drives me nuts when waxing...so I now tend to blow it out, making my neighbours think I've gone slightly mad.
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    United Kingdom Phillip Rotherham
    Make/Model/Transmission: 1968/2008/2015 built/rebuilt/modded VW Beetle. Now a spaceframe. With an F20C
    Redline Shift Points: 60mph, 96mph, 137mph
    When people sit in my car, they're surprised that: It's actually running, and the door didn't fall off when they opened it, and that they have to physically climb in, and the engine is in the 'wrong' end.

    • The front left mudguard rattles when the engine is idling. No idea why, we've changed the complete mudguard and the mountings and the replacement one does it too. Must be some sort of vibration concentration just there.
    • The gas gauge works when the car is off. Because it consists of opening the tank and having a look to make sure there's some petrol in there.
    • The engine idle speed rises a few seconds before the cooling fans come on, because when I didn't have that setup, the cooling fans (Twin 16"), would drop the battery voltage so far the engine would stop. Which I suppose did technically cool the engine....
    • The brake bias is on the tail, but mainly because it has two seperate handbrakes for each rear wheel so you can brake the inside one and slide sideways into a corner whilst yelling 'Yeehaa!"
    • Some of the buttons on the dashboard beep, but you don't know because you can't hear them over the engine, so the important ones have LED indicators above them too.
    • If any coolant has been used in the engine, the hoses and seals will start to leak 3 minutes before scrutineering for a rally. Even if they've been fine for a year.
    • The rear brake lights will inexplicably fail to illuminate at the same time as the above.
    • If you try to redline the car before the temperature gets above 65*c on the gauges, the car will go like the proverbial off a shovel, and the temperature will soon be at 95*c anyway. However, so will your arse cheeks when you get out of the car and I catch you.
    • The wiper, horn and fan controls are all in a box that the copilot/unlucky passenger has to control, to leave the drivers concentration free, as are the non-vital engine monitors. So that passenger that just turned a strong shade of green whilst mid-air through a jump gets rather more worried when the driver starts swearing at them to switch the wipers on and they've dropped the box...
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    The only quirks I can think of is a strange noise that happens when the engine is cold and I change gear at 2000rpm. Honda couldn't fix it so I've just left it for now and also when trying to call someone on hands free it sometimes doesn't like my accent and suddenly starts speaking Spanish or something at me