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    Hi, I have just bought a 2014 CR-V in I think it is called passion red from a Honda dealer and it had some scratches on the front passenger side door. The salesman said he would get someone in to fix it (obviously a smart repair I imagine) and when I picked it up it looked perfect.
    After driving home in bad weather, the next day it had a layer of dirt over it from water spray etc and the scratches showed up as though it had never been fixed, I gave the area a wipe over with a damp cloth and they disappeared again, it was as though the dirt had stuck to the scratches showing them up
    Is this normal with a smart repair and it there something I could polish it with which would prevent this
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    I doubt it has been repaired. Or repaired by the garage floor sweeper.
    Take a couple of photos when the scratches show up and take it back to the dealer and tell them to fix it properly.
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    Some marks will be in the clearcoat not the paint, and so only show up when residue is present on the surface.

    A professional mop with the right compounds would probably be all it needs.
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    Thanks they are contacting me next week anyway, I will see if I can sort something out, but I did buy the car knowing it had this defect and got it at a price to reflect this. It was just that when I picked it up it looked very good but after driving home in bad weather it seemed to look worse
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    Otherwise absolutely love my CR-V by the way
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    Hello @phil-k, Could you kindly show us some pictures of the damage.
    It can't have had smart repair. More than likely there was wax or some oily based product applied.
    Smart repair more of the time is spray or sanded and polished back up.
    If the scratch goes away with a damp cloth then the scratches are on the clear coat, nothing major but its not right they told you they will fix it because they didn't they just covered it up. A lot of old school traders used to us WD-40 to cover up scratches and to give the car a nice shine (not right).
    From your description i believe cutting compound will get with a DA polisher will take out the scratches. If the scratches are too deep for the cutting compound to work effectively, light sanding with the correct grit sand paper then polish will solve it.