Scotish Meets?

Discussion in 'Scotland' started by kidhonda85, Monday 31st May, 2010.

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    Hey folks, just wondering if anybody could tell me if theres any Civic/JDM meets near the glasgow/paisley area???

    Thanks!!!! :tdvtec:
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    join jdmy0 normally a lot of scottish meets on there
  3. Myrna97 New Member Getting Started

    The 2012 Scottish programme concentrates on February and March, the heart of the Scottish season before the alpine touring season takes off. We are again hoping for another good winter after the spectacular cold six weeks in December and January last year.

    The club dinner will be held in Killin on the usual weekend at the end of January. This is less than 40 miles from Stirling, so it is more accessible than some locations. There is lots of good touring in nearby Glen Lochay and around Lawers. The February weekend meets can be combined to make a Scottish week of ski touring/gear testing/alpine preparation.
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    like said mate, jdmy0 meet is in edinburgh early next month. Good few glasgow boys come through to ! details for the meet are :

    Sunday 5th February


    Hermiston Park and Ride

    Riccarton Mains Road



    EH14 5PX