Civic/7th Gen Satin Silver Ep3

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    Hi heres some stuff on mine

    2004 Civic Type-R (EP3)

    * AEM V2 Induction Kit

    * HKS Hi-Power Cat-Back

    * HID Kit

    * Race Manifold And Decat with Mounts and Simulator

    * 18" ST6 in Silver

    * Unichip Remap

    * JVC Double-Din

    * Alpine Type-R Components

    * Skunk2 Gear Knob

    * Tenzo R Lowering Springs

    * Front Vented Disks

    * Braided Brake Lines

    * DC5 Brembos not on the car just yet waiting for a few things before

    they get put on! And not the nasty brembo plastic covers!

    * DC Strut Brace

    * Rocker Cover Painted! And Covers

    Prob a few bits a bobs I've forgot!

    = 241.2bhp :Grin:

    Heres the first day i got here and the red one was my bro's old Civic


    Then with the HKS Hi-Power










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    pics not working dude
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    Will need to host them on photobucket as reallymeansounds obviously don't allow hotlinking...
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    Need to be a member...
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    How much did you pay for the Unichip? and the mapping? Pretty good result, Im guessing k100/kpro would give the same result too.