ICE & HFT Sat Nav DVD Reading Error

Discussion in '2nd Generation (2002-2006)' started by Tim Wikes, Thursday 8th Aug, 2019.

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    United Kingdom Tim Gt Dunmow
    Having just introduced myself and car in the correct section, I thought I'd come over here with first problem, our old friend the Sat Nav.

    I have read through several threads on here and elsewhere about the apparent design fault that allows too much dust and gunk to clog up the laser lens reader on the DVD reader. My sat nav worked fine when I collected the car. On the second day of ownership I decided to check what version of the maps I had installed; 2.05

    Having re-inserted the DVD it proceeded to tell me that there was an error reading the disc. I tried re-booting it and cleaning the disc, all to no avail. I understand that there is a company to whom I can send the entire unit and they clean and update it all for £139 (they are on eBay). However, my inclination is to leave it all alone. I can use either a stand alone TomTom I have or Via Michelin on my phone, both of which have bang up to date maps and traffic info. The white error sign is an annoyance I guess I shall have to live with, unless anyone knows how to delete it?

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    United Kingdom Sandy NORWICH
    Should be possible to get new compatible dvd discs from EBAY. I have used such a disc in mine for the last two years.
    Maybe borrow a "good" disc to check your media unit is working ok before you spend money on a new disc?
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    United Kingdom Tim Gt Dunmow
    Thanks Sandy. However, as I indicated above, I know the unit works.

    Strange but pleasant update. Day before yesterday I decided to re-insert the DVD disc, having taken it out and stored it in the glovebox for several days. Low and behold, no error reading disc, maps comes up and all back working. We shall see how long that lasts!
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    I've seen murmers of people saying that the reader on the DVD-Drive can get a little damaged, but moisture can also royally mess with things, of course.

    Generally the disc isn't at fault from what I've seen, though it couldn't hurt to get a new one as most of them are massively outdated. My CU3, for example, still has the original disc from 2009!...
  5. Heckler Club Moderator Club Staff

    These units are quite susceptible to condensation too, if there's the slightest hint of it in the car it can fog up the lens and cause the error... I found that after driving for a little while and warming the car up... the DVD suddenly worked fine again.

    So I got a couple of those dehumidifier bags, stick one on the dash at night and the other sits on the rear parcel shelf.... Every now and again, dry them out on a radiator or a couple of mins in the microwave.

    Since putting them in the car, I never had the issue again... I've since got rid of that car and used the same trick in the new one... no issues and will be swapping them into the new replacement I picked up last week too.