Sold Samsung galaxy S4 16gb GT-19505 White unlocked mint condition

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    Item for sale: Samsung galaxy s4 gt19505 in white 16gb

    Condition: 9/10 very good condition like new.

    Location: Rushall near Walsall west mids

    Description: a samsung galaxy s4 gt19505 in white 16gb model, like new only had it in April this year loved the phone but I'm more of a iPhone person hence me going back to one. Comes in original box and has the charger, headphones (still in wrapping) and I'll throw in a 3m charger cable aswell :Smile: oh and a funky cover for it, had a cover on since day 1 so there's no scratches only some very very small marks but I can't even picture them there that small it's ridiculous.

    Phone has now been unlocked!!!

    Price: I think it's worth about £320 cash or I can post it postage is £7.50 for next day del but would prefer collection if possible.

    Payment if wanting it posting would be paypal or bank transfer.

    Any questions please don't hesitate to ask me :Smile: I'm a well known member on here! I'm by a computer most times so replies should be pretty speedy.

    Thanks for looking Ryan :Smile: View attachment 17003

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    Cheers smiles :Smile:
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    Will take sensible offers
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    Back up for sale. Lol
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    Is this still avaliable???