Bulletins & Advisories Safety Recall: i-SHIFT Transmission Software Error

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    Details are sketchy at the moment but more information will be released by Honda on the 3rd of July 2012

    Honda Motor Co, Ltd.has determined it necessary to conduct a safety recall to rectify a potential software error for 2009-2011 YM (year model) I-shift cars listed below.

    Civic 3 Door FN1, FN4 2009,2010,2011
    Civic 5 Door FK1 2009,2010,2011
    Jazz GE6, GG6 2009,2010,2011
    Honda UK will write to the registered owners of all affected and mailing will take place during July.

    So please look out for more information as soon as Honda release it.
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    Update on this recall, the above affected car owners should have received their letters if you have not then please contact you local dealer immediately.

    The Symptoms.

    If the above cars are parked in reverse gear and the engine started and neutral or first gear is then selected, the vehicle may not move it may stall or in the worst case scenario move backwards unexpectedly.

    The Cause
    If the vehicle is parked in reverse gear while facing downhill there is high torque applied to the reverse gear. When the engine is restarted and neutral or first gear is selected, the gearbox deselects reverse gear before the clutch is fully disengaged. This may cause the reverse shift holder to bend under the deselecting the shift lever. If the reverse shift holder is deformed the reverse shift mechanism may not function correctly and the vehicle may stay in reverse gear, even though neutral has been selected.

    The Fix
    Honda dealers need to spend considerable time with special factory tools specifically designed for this recall. They have to load a new ECU and inspect the reverse shift holder for deformation using a diagnosis jig and gauge.

    If the shift holder is deformed, remove the dealers need to remove the gearbox and replace the reverse shift piece and shift holder.

    Please note there are 14000 vehicles in the UK affected by this recall.