Weekend Toy Rods EG6

5th Generation (1992-1995) vehicle added by rodders2, Thursday 10th Jan, 2019

  1. rodders2 New Member Getting Started

    rodders2 added a new Honda to the garage:

    Rods EG6

    Check the vehicle's full information here.
  2. SpeedyGee The Invincible Admin Club H-Tune

    England Speedy Birmingham
    That's a lovely EG6, would love to see some more pics of it :Thumbup:
  3. DrSam H-Tune's Counsel Club H-Tune

    United Kingdom Sam Birmingham
    Hello @rodders2, that's a stunning EG6 you got, would like to see more, please add more pictures to the club garage.
    Also it's customary for new members to introduce themselves via "Introduce Yourself"

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  4. rodders2 New Member Getting Started

    I have some more photo , s on my older laptop , I shall try to post those. The EG6 is in for service now , A lot of work has been done, with a new clutch,
    a new sump , all suspension bushes replaced , Calipers are reworked and plated, Cleaned and painted on underside as far as I can reach. It is still on its B16A2
    all compressions have been checked ,, so pulls strongly in VTEC .
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  5. DrSam H-Tune's Counsel Club H-Tune

    United Kingdom Sam Birmingham
    This is your project log area, you can also update this as you go along. That way you share with us the amazing work you do and you have a log to go back to or share to a friend.
  6. SiR-S_Louisanne-Green New Member Getting Started

    United Kingdom James Richards Bournemouth
    Hi Rod, lovely EG6! You don't see them like this anymore. Without sounding cheeky, have you ever considered selling it?