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    He sadly passed away four years, but I thought Id post this for any 90's / present RNB / hiphop lovers .

    A great loss to RNB / Hiphop


    Stephen Ellis Garrett (November 11, 1974 – February 25, 2008), also known as Static Major, was a Grammy Award-Winning American rapper, singer, songwriter and record producer from Louisville, Kentucky. He was a member of the R&B trio Playa. Static Major gained posthumous fame for appearing on Lil Wayne's 2008 album Tha Carter III on the song "Lollipop".[1] He was a producer of songs from several artists, including Aaliyah, Ginuwine, and Pretty Ricky.[2] He died unexpectedly on the operating table before Lil Wayne's Tha Carter III album was released.

    Music career

    Static started his producing career when he signed with Swing Mob Records. Major made a breakthrough working with R&B singer Ginuwine. Major helped produce the song "Pony" which become a major hit and a milestone in both Major's and Timbaland's careers.[3] He later became a member of the Def Jam group Playa, who were most known for their hit single "Cheers 2 U." Playa released an album of the same name in 1997. After working with Ginuwine, Static assisted producing the songs for Nicole Wray for her 1998 debut album, Make It Hot. Songs that Static produced and wrote for Aaliyah were "Are You That Somebody?", which was featured in the Dr. Dolittle soundtrack, Come Back In One Piece which was featured in the Romeo Must Die soundtrack along with the #1 single Try Again."More than a Woman,” “We Need a Resolution,” "Rock the Boat”, "Loose Rap","Extra Smooth", "I Refuse", "What If", "Those Were The Days","Never No More" were all featured in her third and final studio album Aaliyah.He wrote her first and only #1 Billboard Hot 100 single Try Again. He earned Aaliyah 4 top 25 Billboard Hot 100 singles during his time working with late R&B star.[1][3] Static was frequently a collaborator with R&B group Pretty Ricky, working with them on several songs, including "Juicy", from their 2005 album Bluestars.[1] His most recent work producing music was Lil Wayne’s “Lollipop” from the album Tha Carter III. Suppertime is the solo album that Static Major was reportedly set to release on OG Music/Blackground in 2008.[1] "I stay in the streets, that’s where I draw my inspiration," Static Major said describing where he gets his inspiration. "If it can’t be played in the hood, then it just doesn’t work for me. And nobody can hold me on harmony. My whole aura is not your typical R&B aura."[2]

    Some of his work :


    Ginuwine - 'Pony' (US RNB #1, US BILLBOARD # 28, UK# 16)


    Timbaland & Magoo feat. Ginuwine & Playa - 'Joy'

    Timbaland & Magoo - 'Luv 2 Luv U' (Original Version)

    Timbaland & Magoo - 'Luv 2 Luv U' (Remix)

    Timbaland & Magoo feat. Playa - 'Smoke In Da Air'


    Aaliyah - 'Are You That Somebody?' (US # 1, NewZealand #1, Canada #1, UK# 11)

    Ginuwine - 'Same Ol' G' (Top 20 R&B Airplay hit)

    Keith Sweat - 'Love Jones'

    Nicole Wray - 'Eyes Better Not Wander'

    Nicole Wray - 'Raise Your Frown'

    Nicole Wray - 'Testing Our Love (Suga)'

    Playa - 'All The Way'

    Playa - 'Cheers 2 U' (US# 10 RNB CHART)

    Playa - 'Derby City/Interlude'

    Playa - 'Don't Stop The Music'

    Playa - 'Everybody Wanna Luv Somebody'

    Playa - 'I'll B 2 C U'

    Playa - 'Intro'

    Playa - 'Push'

    Playa - 'Together'

    Playa - 'Top of the World'

    Playa - 'Your Dress'

    Timbaland feat. Playa - 'Birthday'

    Timbaland feat. Ginuwine - 'Keep It Real'

    Timbaland feat. Yaushameen & Static - 'Put 'Em On'

    Timbaland feat. Lil Man, Static & Magoo - 'What Cha Talkin' About'


    Ginuwine & Aaliyah - 'Final Warning/Interlude'

    Ginuwine - 'No. 1 Fan'

    Ginuwine - 'So Anxious' (US RNB # 2)

    Nas feat. Ginuwine - 'You Owe Me' (US RNB # 13)

    Playa - 'Playboy Like Me'


    Aaliyah - 'Try Again' (UK # 5, US#1)

    Aaliyah feat. DMX - 'Come Back In One Piece' (US# 17)

    Chanté Moore - 'This Is A Test'

    Destiny's Child - 'Say My Name' (Timbaland's Remix)

    Ginuwine - 'Simply Irresistible'

    Jay Z - 'Change The Game' - ( Sung the chorus ) (US RAP# 10)

    K-Ci & Jojo - 'Game Face'

    Playa - 'Woozy'

    Timbaland & Magoo - 'We At It Again'


    Aaliyah - 'Extra Smooth'

    Aaliyah - 'I Refuse'

    Aaliyah - 'It's Whatever'

    Aaliyah - 'Loose Rap'

    Aaliyah - 'More Than a Woman' (UK # 1, US# 25)

    Aaliyah - 'Never No More'

    Aaliyah - 'Read Between The Lines'

    Aaliyah - 'Rock The Boat' (UK # 12, US # 14,)

    Aaliyah - 'Those Were The Days''

    Aaliyah - 'We Need a Resolution' (UK# 20, US RNB # 15)

    Ginuwine - 'So Anxious (Timbaland's Anxiety)'

    Playa - 'Incense Burning'

    The Southernaire All Stars - 'I Believe'

    Timbaland feat. Aaliyah & Static - 'I Am Music'


    Aaliyah - 'Don't Know What to Tell Ya' (France # 1, UK # 22)

    Aaliyah - 'Erica Kane'

    Rell feat. Jay-Z - 'It's Obvious'

    Tank - 'So Many Times'

    Tank - 'Unpredictable'

    Truth Hurts - 'Addictive' ( US # 9, US R&B # 2, UK # 3)

    Truth Hurts - 'Next To Me'

    Truth Hurts - 'Real'


    Playa - 'Never Too Late'

    Solange - 'Get Together'


    Brandy - 'Come As You Are'

    Brandy - 'Sirens'

    David Banner - 'Crank It Up'

    Destiny's Child - '2 Step'

    Jojo - 'City Lights'

    Jojo - 'Use My Shoulder'

    Play N Skillz - 'Let Em Go'

    Play N Skillz - 'Are You Still Alone'


    Jamie Foxx - 'Can I Take U Home'

    Notorious B.I.G. - 1970 Something

    Pretty Ricky - 'Call Me'

    Pretty Ricky - 'Chevy'

    Pretty Ricky - 'Get You Right'

    Pretty Ricky - 'Juicy'

    Pretty Ricky - 'Your Body'


    Diddy feat. Christina Aguilera - 'Tell Me' (UK# 8 , US RAP # 14,)

    Static Major - 'Till The Wheels Fall Off'


    Kieran - 'You Saved My Life'

    Pretty Ricky - 'Late Night Special'

    Pretty Ricky - 'Leave It All Up To Me'

    Pretty Ricky - 'Make It Like It Was'

    Pretty Ricky - 'On the Hotline' (US Billboard # 12, US RNB # 6)

    Pretty Ricky - 'Peer Pressure'

    Pretty Ricky - 'Stay'

    Pretty Ricky - 'On The Rocks'

    Pretty Ricky - 'Too Young'

    Sunshine Anderson - 'My Whole Life'

    T-Hud - 'Good Weather Music'

    T-Hud - 'True Love'

    TQ - 'Paradise'


    Lil Wayne feat. Static Major - 'Lollipop' (US# 1Canada #1, UK# 26

    Static Major feat. Lil Wayne - 'I Got My'

    Static Major - 'Your Valentine'

    Myko - 'Late Night Creep'


    Pleasure P - 'Illusion'

    Pleasure P - 'Fire Lovin'

    Twista feat. Static Major - 'Gotta Get Me One'
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    I've decidied to add more history, interviews & videos to this thread as a reference for me as a fan. So interviews, more detailed history & music videos


    Jodeci were blowing the fuck up off the strength of their now-classic debut album Forever My Lady in the early 90s (of which all the slow songs were written by mastermind DeVante Swing about a girl he was dating at the time who left & joined the army. random, right?). and amidst all the adulation came some form of power for Mr. Donald “DeVante” DeGrate, who then embarked on an ambitious project that was reminiscent of a bygone era in music

    While on tour with Jodeci, he would routinely hear auditions from local groups. after carefully selecting which ones he thought showed real promise and real talent, he amassed them into a collective known as Da Bassment crew (aka Swing Mob) sometime around 1992, tho some people say the ball could’ve got started rolling even before that.

    This is a large pool of talent that included future legends like Timbaland, Missy Elliott, Tweet, Magoo, Ginuwine, Playa, Static/Major and quite a bit of input from DeVante and Dalvin as well. originally known as the 45.4 Q Clique, and then Swing Mob, the name Da Bassment eventually stuck due to the recording complex that all the artists either lived in or next to (this would be Dajhelon Studios in which the group primarily used the basement studios for their work).

    however, the clique imploded sometime after The Show, The Afterparty, The Hotel (an album which had credited and uncredited contributions from various Bassment members, as did Diary Of A Mad Band, this group-mentality of creation being the status quo). while the majority of the goings on and the real reasons for the epic split of this epic crew remained a source of constant wonder and curiosity for nearly two decades (and a certain amount of sadness that it wasn’t fully realised)

    This 90's supergroup never made it due to setbacks & the artists running out of patience.

    Devante wanted to give the artists their own rights to their music & the only way to do that would be to setup a deal with an indepant record company etc. The only big one around at that tim was Deathrow Records

    Well we all knoiw how Tupac ended up after joining deathrow... things spiralled downhill after Suge Knights involvement & a lot of memebers decided to take up the record deals that were being offered to them

    This is way Timbaland / Missy & Ginuwine came 1st came out as friends with a simialr sound.

    The link with Aaliyah came just before they left Da Bassment when she heard one of thier demo songs

    Sugah & Spice

    In this interview, Devante reflected back on what it was like working with Static and shared some memories he had with him

    Interview: DeVante Swing of Jodeci Remembers Static Major

    DS: Oh man, I’m going to have to take it back! I met Static in Louisville where he’s from. Jodeci went on a tour and Static’s group came backstage and sung for me. I liked them ever since then. I went to New Jersey after and they called me every day until I eventually got them in Jersey. I had Missy and everyone else there. As far as Static, we used to talk on the phone all the time with his group and they used to sing for me

    YKIGS: What type of potential did you see in Static from the start? He was singing and also rapping.

    DS: Well Static just had that certain swag with him. You can always tell when somebody has it. He had the “It Factor”. His swag on his point and he was witty with his words. He didn’t start off rapping, I told him to start rapping. He was just a little witty dude with his words and he had the “It factor” whatever it is. People that were around Static felt the energy from him. He just had all kind of talent. He could whistle ad-libs. People sing rifts like Whitney, he could whistle rifts. A lot of people can’t do, it’s hard to do. A lot of people can sing, but they can’t whistle. Anything he did, he put little things into it.

    YKIGS: What was like a day in the life of Static in Da Bassment?

    DS: Everybody had their little area, but Static had an overall responsibility to write and make others as hot in the camp. I had main writers in the camp. It was Static, Missy and me. Static’s main thing was if I needed a slick line, I would get Static because that was his department. He had a certain swag. You know if you wanted something hot, you would go to Missy or Static. He came to be an artist and then he learned how to write from being around it. He always had his own swag that made him stick out. I just kind of rounded up the sharp edges and smoothed it out.
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    After years of making artists & writing / singing No1 hits Static Major wanted some recognition & credit & decided to make a name for himself.

    He didnt really need to as he had been making millions at such a young age & had met some of words biggest stars

    by going on tour with Jodeci, working with Timbaland & Missy etc

    He was due to release an album called supper time on the feddy side, but it never got released due to disagreements with the record companies involved.

    1st single was - Bus stop Breezy

    Twista ft Static - Slow jams
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    Many think that Static & Aaliyah had a thing going on.

    The reason why I think it wasnt official is because he respected her uncles Jomo & Barry Hankerson,

    the Blackground Record owners & because they both didnt want to mess up thier working partnership

    "Boy i promise you if we keep bumping heads I know that one of these days we gona hook it up"

    "Boy if I let this go, you can't tell no body im talking about no body, are you responsible I gotta watch my body im not just anybody"
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    Static was responsible the lyrics, sound & melodys on Aaliyahs latest music

    He would record demo tracks to send to Aaliyah & other artists so they would know how to sing thier versions.

    Yes that meant singing like a female & writing from a femals perspective.

    Many say Justin Timberlake copied static's high Falseto style,

    Static Major - More Than a Woman Aaliyah Demo
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