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    Hi Guys,

    Are there any issues with removing the undertray?

    Changed the engine oil & filter on my CL9 yesterday, but think there's a leak somewhere as the bottom of the gearbox was covered in crap stuck to it and the top of the undertray. So left it off to see if it's still leaking, or it was an old one.
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    Aside from the plastic clips breaking or the bolts being seized... it's fairly straight forward. Always worth investing in a pack of new clips. I bought a pack that contained all of the undertray, bumper and wheel guard clips for about £10 a couple of years ago of ebay. But can't find the seller in my old purchases.
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    Sorry, just re-read my post and it didn't make a lot of sense :Laughing:

    Undertray has already been removed, just wondering if there's any issues leaving it off for a few weeks.
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    It's not essential, it's just there to prevent debris hitting the underneath as you drive.
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    As above its not an essential or vital part, many cars don't come with them fitted at all ( usually older or economy models) Best thing to do though is clean the underside of the engine/ gearbox with soapy water and a brush/ pressure washer to find out where the leak is coming from. You'll be able to spot a leak easier if its clean than if it where dirty.