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    Hi Guys, I have just bought a 2003 HR-V SI 4x4 (Irish Car not a jap import) for the wife, good car with but unfortunately there is no remote key fob or maybe it never had one?? I'm not sure so can anyone advise me as to which models came with remote central locking and if a it is possible to replace it, also I'll reveal my ignorance about this car now and would like to know how to tell the engine spec (VTEC etc the log book just says HR-V 1.6:Unknown:) and any other details that the chassis number may reveal ... you know general newbie stuff....cheers
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    Hi Peadro,

    Welcome to AOC,if you don’t have the keyfob to disarm the alarm how are you opening the door without triggering the alarm off?
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    I don't think there is an alarm just central locking (no flashing lights or beeps when the door is manually locked/unlocked). I have asked a guy that owned a 2002 3 door HR-V and he told me that his had remote central locking but no alarm (just locked/unlocked the doors) but he couldn't remember if it was a 1,2 or 3 button fob
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    Does anybody have a 2003/4 HR-V remote fob and could you tell me if its 2 or three button or post a picture of it or the part number because there are so many on ebay I don't know which one to buy
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    I can do this if needed
    But will need the car in Cheltenham or worcester!