For Sale REDUCED H2B COMPLETE SWAP PLUG AND PLAY 250bhp MAPPED solid fab,hondata,clutch masters,

Discussion in 'Parts & Accessories' started by mintsol, Thursday 26th Jan, 2017.

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  1. mintsol Club Member ★ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆

    Selling my complete h2b swap plug and play to either a EG or DC2, would fit EK etc but u would need EK mounts etc not the mounts this swap comes with!
    Obd2 engine and engine loom
    H22a engine 220bhp 40k removed from a 5th Generation Prelude sirs
    Accord Type-R inlet manifold, throttle and injector setup. Injector air holes deleted EGR deleted
    Throttle and inlet thermal gaskets
    Euro r crank single crank pulley
    Rosko racing IACV adapator
    Silicone hoses throughout
    S9b gearbox LSD no crunch
    Clutch masters h2b ali flywheel & fx350 clutch kit
    Arp flywheel bolts
    High end tri y manifold 2.5"
    Solid fabrications 2.5in built back box and 2.5in straight through to decat
    Kaizenspeed balance shaft eliminator kit
    Kaizenspeed manual tensioner kit
    Kaizenspeed wall blocker
    Gates timing belt
    Blue print water pump
    New thermostat
    H2b Morroso baffled sump
    Qsd h2b kit
    Qsd h2b alternator adaptor
    New front and rear main crank seals
    New rocker cover gasket
    New camshaft seals
    New camshaft end cap
    New alternator housing see
    New thermostat seal
    New VTEC solenoid gasket and seal
    All the above genuine Honda parts
    Innovative 75a complete DC2 mounts
    Insane shafts b series 36mm hub nut jdm98 spec pair
    Halfshaft with new bearing
    Password JDM Bonnet raisers to clear the IACV
    Full length DC2 radiator and silicone hoses included
    Brand new P28 s300v3 with obd2a conversion harness running 2 months old bought from h tune running base map from my last h2b which was mapped by tdi north at 249bhp! But ideally needs a fresh map as this is a different engine I'm just using it as a base but chews the gears!
    Probably more I've missed
    Engine an gearbox is smooth and engine idle is smooth even after balance shafts removed
    This is a complete swap nothing missing open to sensible offers quick sale needed due to the loss of my unit.
    Message me
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    Price £3800

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    Just going through old threads.
    Please confirm, within the next 30 days, if this is still Wanted/For Sale.

    If no reply is received within that time, I'll closed the thread.
  3. Nels Club Moderator Club Staff

    No reply received, so this thread is now closed.
    You can request it re-opened via this link
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